Asparagus: According to the OCU, these are the best asparagus in the supermarket


The consumption of canned asparagus has become one of the favorite options for consumers, so that this rich vegetable can be enjoyed throughout the year, as its popularity index is increasing in Spain , all thanks to its nutritional properties. and its good mix with different types of products, it is one of the most consumed vegetables to the point of not missing in any home.

That is why the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) has offered a classification index for canned asparagus in supermarkets , since we can find different varieties, so that they are classified by their origin, the size of the vegetable, if it is medium, thick or extra thick, as well as the format of the preserve, in a can or in a glass jar, all of this can make a difference when choosing.

Asparagus from the supermarket, which are the most recommended?

Among the asparagus analyzed by the OCU we find a selection of products of very good quality, both between IGP asparagus from Navarra and without IGP , so that, in general, the sizes are usually correct, since they do not present defects and no problems have been found either. of fibrousness, despite most of this rich vegetable that we buy in the supermarket , have been cultivated abroad.

It should be mentioned that the canned asparagus that have the IGP seal of Navarra stand out for offering a good quality/price ratio , in this sense we are talking about the Freshona products, from Lidl , which come in a 530-gram jar with an approximate price of 15 euros, likewise we can find products that present a lower category, as is the case of Auchan (Alcampo) and PGI Navarra asparagus of the Bajamar brand. Here we show you the best canned asparagus according to the OCU classification:

  • The cathedral of Navarra, extra thick whole asparagus.
  • Freshona, Lidl.
  • Viuda de Cayo, whole thick asparagus from Navarra.
  • Pedro Luis, extra thick white asparagus from Navarra.
  • El Corte Ingles Selection, extra thick white asparagus.
  • Bujanda, extra thick white asparagus.
  • El Corte Ingles Selection, very thick white asparagus.
  • Bajamar, extra thick white asparagus from Navarra.
  • Deluxe Lidl, very thick asparagus from Navarra.
  • Dantza, very thick asparagus from Navarra.

Beyond this list presented to us by the OCU , the asparagus of the Consum , Celorrio and Eroski brands should be mentioned for their good quality and presentation , since in regard to the category without a quality label, the OCU also reflects as the best that can be obtained in supermarkets.

A successful purchase? best quality asparagus

The OCU views the very thick asparagus from Freshona , Lidl’s white label , as a successful purchase . These come in a 530-gram jar, which contains between nine and twelve asparagus, for an approximate price of 4.90 euros, obtaining a good score of 81 out of 100, so it is a very good quality product.

Although beyond this private label, the OCU positions above the rest of the canned asparagus , the very thick ones of the Catedral de Navarra brand , as they come in a 345-gram presentation, with a rating of 82 out of 100 and a price approximately 6.30 euros, its container offers between six and eight asparagus.

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