Oil based on avocado fruit: Benefits and data that you should know if you want to use it

Avocado Oil

Avocado oil has become a sensation in the human diet, since it comes from the fruit, it is a product that surely contains its most important components, including omega 3 fatty acids; responsible number 1 for the heart to function perfectly. So far so good and surely after reading all this you will be preparing to go to the nearest supermarket to buy your first bottle.

Well, although avocado oil is good, doctors are concerned that the lack of standards in its preparation facilitates the sale of samples that are not always what they seem.

Researchers from UC Davis found in samples taken from oil consumers that they often purchased oils that were rancid before their expiration date, were mixed with other oils or, in the worst case, were not avocado oils. For this reason, we have for you a series of data that will help you determine if the avocado oil you intend to buy is authentic and healthy.

Benefits of avocado oil

The first benefit of avocado oil is the deep hydration it provides, so your skin and even hair will appreciate its use. Its vitamin composition favors the elimination of stretch marks and the moisturizing of cracked heels.

It is also useful to prevent dandruff and rejuvenate dry elbows . The eyebrows are also blessed by avocado oil, as it is characterized by helping in their growth.

It should be noted that it contains omega 3 and all kinds of vitamins, such as those of type B, A, E, D and K. Its antioxidant effect manages to stop the damage caused by free radicals.

Tips to know if avocado oil is authentic or not


The original flavor of extra virgin avocado oil is unmistakable, as it is greasy , reminiscent of the combination of butter with a tiny touch of mushrooms.


Color is always important when determining the authenticity of an oil and in the case of avocado, if it is virgin, its color is green like that of the fruit. On the other hand, those that are refined have a light yellow color or rather almost colorless due to all the pigments removed in their refining.

Conservation tips for avocado oil


Although it is not entirely an authenticity tip, we recommend you always buy a medium-sized bottle , because over time the content tends to go rancid, even before it expires.


Never leave your avocado oil exposed to light and in the same way do not allow it to receive heat. Keep it in a cool, dark cabinet.


You always have to check the expiration date and most importantly, try to buy it when the harvest is near so that you acquire a fresh product.


The smell is decisive to know if the avocado oil is no longer alive. Generally when it is damaged it has a rancid smell , very similar to plasticine.

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