What is Suspended Bread? History of the Application

Suspended Bread
  • Suspended bread is an application that reinforces the sense of cooperation. Bread bought by people who do not have the opportunity to buy bread, by people they have never seen, is called hung bread.
  • If you buy 3 breads from the grocery store or bakery where you will buy the bread; You can leave 1 hanging and pay 3 bread coins.
  • This 1 loaf of bread you leave is taken by the needy during the day.
  • Thanks to this method, which has become very popular in recent years and stretches like a chain, people in need of all ages can take bread to their homes.
  • The suspended bread practice, which came to the fore even more after the hikes in bread prices, made many homes happy from the moment it was heard, even though it was born as a reaction.
  • Unfortunately, families heavily affected by their living conditions may not even be able to find a living wage. The pending bread campaign that develops for these families in need is an invisible charity work.
  • If you buy bread, you buy 1 loaf to hang; Thanks to the charity you will do, you can go home in peace.
  • If you don’t have the status, you can buy hung bread from bakeries or grocery stores for your home free of charge.
  • The hung bread campaign, the first implementation center of which was in Istanbul, continues in almost every province and district after its name is heard.
  • In order for this charity campaign to continue, those with financial means are required to leave bread hanging for those who do not.

Suspended Bread Practice: History, Story

  • In the Ottoman Empire, the practice of hanging bread was seen as a charity work that lasted for a very long time.
  • The Ottoman Empire, which was governed by the policy of let the people live and let the state live, survived for many years thanks to its society that left its bread hanging.
  • In the Ottoman period, a helping hand was reached for every race and sect. The practice of hung bread, which continued for years in the lands ruled by the Ottoman Empire, is remembered as one of the spiritual legacies left to the society.
  • This solidarity system, which was supported by the Guild and Ahi organization centuries ago, has recently become an even more valuable practice, especially during the “pandemic” period.

Suspended Bread Project

  • Suspended bread, which is a practice that is continued so that everyone from children to the elderly can reach bread, has become a method quickly adopted by the society.
  • When you add one bread for the needy and pay for it, you can help poor people to buy bread as well.
  • This method is not limited to bread only. Those who wish can also buy milk, yogurt and cleaning products in the neighborhood markets under the name of this application and ensure that they reach the poor.

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