Carrots: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits


As we all know, we need energy to do work. Mostly we get energy in the form of carbohydrates which boosts our energy. Carrot is also included in carbohydrates. Carrot is composed of carbs and water. Basically carrot is a low glycaemic food that is linked with numerous benefits such as prevention from cancer, prevention from shock, boosts up the immune system, improves vision and growths, etc.

Carrots are a rich source of vitamin A, Vitamin K, biotin potassium, beta carotene antioxidant. Carrot is very helpful in promotes good vision and growth as it contains vitamin A. It also plays an important role in fat and protein metabolism as it contains biotin. It also sometimes helpful in controlling blood pressure as it contains very important mineral potassium. There are a few points as follows.

1) Improves Skin

Carrots contain Vitamin C, which reduces skin infections. It has also healing powers. Beta-carotene in carrot heals the injuries faster.

2) Improves Digestion

Carrots contain a lot of fibers. Dietary fibers are present in leafy vegetable such as in carrot, it is a form of carbohydrates which helps indigestion. But the more you eat carrots, it is harmful as well as beneficial, it can cause constipation which is harmful to your health.

3) Improves Kidney Function

Carrot contains potassium which helps in the proper functioning of the kidney. When your kidney isn’t working well then you need Potassium in your blood which helps kidney in proper working. So, you can say that carrot is a kidney-friendly diet.

4) Reduces Incidences of Strokes

Vegetables help in maintaining a healthy weight, such as carrot helps in controlling weight, which decreases the incidence of stroke. It keeps your heart healthy and prevents you from many heart diseases such as stroke.

5) Maintains a Healthy Heart

Carrots are an excellent source of potassium; it helps you in controlling your cholesterol level without medication. As it controls your cholesterol levels, it decreases the chances of heart attack and allows your blood circulation properly.

6) Improves Liver Function

Vitamin A is present in carrot, which helps in fighting many liver diseases. The Beta-carotene in carrots helps in the proper functioning of the liver.

7) Anti-Bacterial & Viral

Carrots contain mangiferin, an antiviral, an anti-inflammatory substance, which helps in boosting immunity. Vitamin A and Vitamin C present in carrots help in fighting many Bacterial & Viral diseases.

8) Great for Eye Health

Carrots are excellent for your eyes. Carrots contain Vitamin A and beta-carotene, which are powerful antioxidants. Vitamin A help in protecting the surface of the eye. It reduced the risk of damaging light of the eye.

9) Healthy Teeth

Carrots are an excellent source of Vitamin C, which is a necessary element for the health of teeth. It makes our teeth stronger and healthier. If the amount of Vitamin C decreases in our body, then our body will get vitamin C from our bones and teeth, which makes them weaker.

10) Anti-Cancer

Cancer develops when abnormal cells form. Antioxidants which we get from carrots, it decreases the risk of cell-damaging. Carrots contain important elements that help us in treating leukemia.


Carrot is a healthy vegetable that contains fibers, Vitamins, potassium, and many other necessary minerals. These things help our body in proper functioning and it also helps us in fighting from different diseases such as cancer, Heart Attack, liver diseases, and many other bacterial diseases. Carrot and carrot juice is an important part of our meal and it is easily available everywhere in the world.

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