What is the Difference Between Russian Salad and American Salad?

Russian Salad and American Salad

Russian salad is a salad made with simple ingredients that is famous in Eastern Europe. Varieties of this salad have been produced in different parts of Eastern Europe for centuries. American salad is also a salad that can be made with simple ingredients. There is a slight difference between them. Many people ask what is the difference between Russian salad and American salad. wonder.

We investigated the difference between American salad and Russian salad. From now on, you will be able to consume these delicious foods by knowing the difference between them. In addition, we gave detailed information about these two salads. Let’s discover together what is the difference between Russian salad and American salad.

What is the Difference Between Russian Salad and American Salad?

  • The difference between Russian salad and American salad is a subject that many people wonder about. The difference between the two is that American salad is made with vegetables only.
  • Russian salad is also made with vegetables; but there are also pieces of cold meat in it. And they are mixed with Italian salad.
  • Italian salad is also made with vegetables; however, there are also julienne cut pieces of salami.
  • In short, a few variants of the Russian salad have emerged in Turkey for some reason. Therefore, different names were given.
  • The story of the Russian salad is as follows: Russian salad was first made in the 1860s by the head chef of the Moscow Hermitage Restaurant.
  • The name of the head chef is Lucien Olivier, so this salad is called Oliver salad. In fact, this is the real name of the salad.
  • The recipe for this salad by Lucien Olivier has been meticulously kept. When many people started to love the salad, it first spread to the whole country and then to other countries.
  • Over time, it began to be called Russian salad. It was brought to our country by the White Russians after the 1917 October Revolution in the 19th century.
  • Russian salad became widespread when the White Russians came to the city in Turkey and opened a restaurant after the October Revolution of 1917.
  • Let’s talk about the ideological reasons why it is called American salad. During the Cold War, Turkey had close relations with the United States.
  • There was a fear of the spread of Russian ideas and the right power was imposing. For these reasons, it has started to be called American salad instead of Russian salad.
  • In fact, if the name ‘Russian salad’ is on the menu lists of restaurant owners, these people go to jail. They were advised to call Russian salads American salad.
  • If you are wondering how to make Russian salad and American salad, it is prepared with diced potatoes, peas and carrots. It is mainly sweetened with mayonnaise. Sometimes it is also sweetened with yogurt.
  • It accompanies the invitation tables as a garnish. It is a salad that goes well with red meat and chicken. It can be added to the kumpir.

Tips for Making Russian Salad and American Salad

  • You should make sure that the vegetables you use in it are fresh. When boiling vegetables, you should take care to cook each vegetable in a different container.
  • You should keep the boiling time long and prevent the vegetables from softening too much. Immediately after boiling the vegetables, you should put them in cold or ice water. In this way, you preserve the color and nutritional values ​​of vegetables.
  • After draining the juice of the vegetables well, you need to start making the salad. Otherwise, your salad will be runny and this will affect the flavor of the salad.
  • If you are going to use yogurt while preparing the dressing for the salad, you should use strained yogurt. If you are going to use regular yogurt, you should strain the water.
  • When you mix mayonnaise and yogurt and prepare the sauce, you should serve it immediately without watering.
  • Since there is yogurt in this salad, you should serve it without waiting too long. If you let it sit, the yogurt will dry out.
  • If you want to make this salad for your guests, it would be beneficial to prepare the vegetables and pour the yoghurt while serving it.

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