12 Foods and Drinks That Don’t Make Babies Gas

Foods That Don't Make Babies Gas

What Are the Foods That Don’t Make Baby Gas?

From the first moment of birth, babies’ bodies begin to grow. There are some stressful moments from time to time during the growth stages. One of these moments is the baby’s gas problem. Unfortunately, the sleeping pattern and feeding pattern of babies who suffer from gas pains throughout the day can be shaped in an undesirable situation.

Foods That Don’t Make Babies Gas

  • Strawberry
  • Melon
  • Kiwi
  • Avocado
  • Banana
  • Spinach
  • Leek
  • Red meat
  • Rice
  • Yoghurt soup
  • Semolina
  • Oat

At such moments, gas can be prevented by paying attention to the nutritional list of babies who are breastfeeding mothers and taking additional food by paying attention to their own nutrition. In the first years of life, there is a question that makes parents think: What are the foods that do not cause gas to the baby?

Foods that do not cause gas in babies can be listed in many groups. Dairy products, cereals, legumes and vegetables are distinguished between gas-forming and non-gasifying. In this article, which we have prepared to raise awareness of families about foods that do not cause gas in babies, parents will have information about foods that do not cause gas in newborn babies. The healthiest suggestions for babies who sleep soundly without experiencing gas pains are included in these lines. Look, what are the soups and staple foods that don’t cause baby gas ?

Get the approval of a nutritionist or doctor for the most accurate information and healthy results.

12 Foods and Drinks That Don’t Make Babies Gas

1) Strawberry

  • Strawberry, which takes its place among the fruits that do not cause gas in babies, is one of the most popular complementary foods of the summer season.
  • It is an ideal fruit option for both breastfeeding mothers and babies who are starting to feed.
  • Since strawberry is a low calorie and water-containing fruit, it is beneficial for babies without tiring the digestive system.
  • You can see the benefits by giving the strawberry according to the month of the baby.

2) Melon

  • Consuming melon is very beneficial for babies. However, it is recommended to be consumed in moderation.
  • Melon, which does not tire the intestines, can be given to babies according to the month because it is easy to digest.
  • Thanks to the melon, which does not cause gas and helps to make comfortable snacks, fiber and vitamin support is provided.
  • When the melon season comes, it is recommended to give it to babies in puree or in thin slices.

3) Kiwi

  • Babies need to eat fruits that do not cause gas in order to sleep comfortably and be pleasant during the day. One of these fruits is kiwi.
  • Kiwi is also recommended for breastfeeding mothers. It does not tire the baby through milk.
  • With kiwi fruit purees can be prepared, fruit clocks can be made.
  • Kiwi, which is suitable for the baby’s digestive system, should be offered in a measured amount.

4) Avocado

  • Avocado, which is very useful for stomach enzymes, definitely takes its place in the baby food process.
  • Thanks to this gas-free food, many mothers easily prepare nutritious bowls.
  • Thanks to vitamin E, it supports the development of the baby and prepares a healthy development process.
  • Avocado can be given to babies for a pleasant sleep away from gas.

5) Banana

  • Bananas often take place in every baby’s adventure of supplementary food. Thanks to the vitamins and minerals found in bananas, the daily nutrition of babies is full.
  • Banana, a non-gas fruit, is used in baby purees and yoghurt menus.
  • It is recommended 1-2 bananas a day as it is filling.
  • If your baby has diarrhea, you can prepare a meal with banana puree or spoon food.

6) Spinach

  • Spinach is a food rich in antioxidant minerals and is delicious in the nutrition of babies.
  • Studies show that spinach does not cause gas. It is one of the vegetables that you can safely give to your baby.
  • You can give it to the baby by making soups and meals with spinach that has been cleaned, washed well and chopped in a hygienic way.
  • You can serve it to babies with pleasure in an omelet.

7) Leek

  • Another vegetable that does not cause gas like spinach is leek. Leek is a very useful vegetable and very effective for the digestive system of babies.
  • Since it is an onion, it raises concerns that it will cause gas, but leeks do not.
  • You can give your babies soup, omelette and roasted leeks with leeks.
  • Your baby, who digests it easily, will play and sleep with pleasure without gas pains.

8) Red Meat

  • Undoubtedly, the place of meat in infant nutrition is very important. Especially red meat is recommended for brain development.
  • Red meat does not cause gas. It can be presented to babies in various ways.
  • Red meat and water added to soups in the form of broth can be digested by the baby.
  • You can add the juice of red meat to the soups and meals of babies for a comfortable night away from gas.

9) Brass

  • Rice is not a gas-producing grain product. Recommended for babies in various ways.
  • Using rice, baby food that does not cause gas can be prepared. Additional nutrients also make this food satisfying.
  • You can use rice in the first process of complementary food. In addition, breastfeeding mothers can also consume rice.
  • It would be helpful to be in moderation. Rice consumed in large quantities does not cause gas, but can cause constipation.

10) Yogurt Soup

  • When milk and milk products are given directly to babies, they can sometimes cause gas.
  • However, when food is prepared for babies in the form of yoghurt soup, the risk of gas is eliminated.
  • The development of babies who drink yoghurt soup progresses in a healthy way and the digestive system is strengthened.
  • Parents who are looking for a soup that will not cause gas can safely add soups with yogurt to their meals.

11) Semolina

  • Semolina, which is one of the cereals frequently used in infant feeding, is preferred because it does not cause gas.
  • An easy pudding is prepared with semolina and milk or a mixture of semolina and water.
  • When semolina is added to the nutrition list of babies with gas problems, this problem disappears a little bit.
  • Nursing mothers can also easily consume semolina recipes. Because semolina does not cause gas to the baby through milk.

12) Oats

  • Another food that relaxes the digestive system of babies is oats. Oats relaxes the stomach thanks to its fibrous structure.
    Porridges or soups support the nutrition of babies.
  • Especially after 6 months, you can use oats in omelet, soup, fruit puree.
  • Oats, which eliminates the gas problem, facilitates the transition to comfortable sleep.

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