What Is Brie Cheese? How to Eat, How to Make?

Brie Cheese

Cheese, which is an important food type for the French, is one of the foods consumed alongside wine. A special type of cheese is added to this list when it comes to vegetable, spicy, solid as a stone, creamy fluid.

The type of cheese known as French brie cheese has been consumed a lot in our country in recent years. Brie cheese, which attracts attention with its moldy structure, takes its place on the plates of cheese lovers. Now, these lines introduce you to the delicious French cheese brie, whose reputation has taken the world by storm. It’s time to answer the questions of those who say what is brie cheese prepared under very special conditions!


  • What Is Brie Cheese?
  • How to Make Brie Cheese
  • How to Eat Brie Cheese

What Is Brie Cheese?

  • Brie cheese is a type of cheese that has a special production condition and is under protection.
  • This cheese is cut into wheels with a diameter of almost 50 cm.
  • The answer to the question of which country Brie cheese belongs to is France, the country of cheeses.
  • Brie cheese, which has a very special importance for the French people, shows that it is ripe with the outer layer.
  • Mixed milks are used for Brie cheese.
  • There is a layer on the outside of the Brie cheese. This layer is gray when fresh. However, over time, when it comes to the maturation stage, the gray color turns brown. Brown refers to the time this cheese is consumed.
  • The texture of delicious and flavored brie cheese is smooth. Brie cheese, which has the appearance of cream, is a fatty cheese.
  • It is ready for consumption at any time, from breakfast to wine.
  • Those who are allergic to cow’s milk should not consume this cheese. If you are not allergic to milk, you can consume it whenever you want with confidence and pleasure.

How to Make Brie Cheese

  • Brie cheese, which is prepared using cow’s milk, is prepared with milk from different cows.
  • In the first stage, the cream of the milk is taken.
  • If the cream is not taken, a smooth appearance will not be obtained in the cheese.
  • Brie rennet is added to cow’s milk.
  • After boiling the milk at a certain temperature, milk is poured into the molds prepared for brie cheese.
  • Fermented milk poured into molds is rested for an average of 18 hours. At this stage, the fermentation process continues.
  • In the next step, the cheese is salted. Bacteria are added to prevent the cheese from spoiling.
  • It takes almost 5 weeks for this cheese to mature. If the waiting time is longer; The flavor of the cheese increases as well.
  • In addition, the texture of the cheese, which takes longer to ripen, becomes smooth and flawless.
  • The ripened cheeses are presented to the consumer after the necessary safe packaging.

How to Eat Brie Cheese

  • No special time is required to consume Brie cheese. Whenever you want to eat this cheese, you can slice it thinly and serve it to your table.
  • However, it should be reminded that there are recipes flavored with brie cheese in France.
  • Sandwiches, pizzas and toasts become more hearty and appetizing thanks to brie cheese.
  • You can melt this cheese by adding a large slice to the meat cooked in the oven.
  • The brie cheese with the rind is consumed both with and without the rind. Since the shell is a special layer, there is no harm in eating it.
  • It can be added to salads, appetizer dishes, baked goods.
  • If you are going to prepare a cheese plate with wine; Our recommendation is to include brie cheese as well.
  • With its salty and aromatic taste, it helps the wine to be consumed more deliciously.

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