Single By Choice: Reasons to Choose A Single Malt Whisky

When it comes to liquor, the points of contention are as numerous as the different types of liquor that are out there. The arguments and counterarguments are endless, from things like which liquor is best to how one should adequately enjoy a drink.

One perfect example of this situation can be found among whisky drinkers. Just as there are numerous iterations of a specific whisky, there are just as many arguments to be had over the drink. Topics can become even more contentious over which type of whiskey is better.

Among devoted whiskey sommeliers and casual drinkers alike, one of the most “controversial” topics would revolve around single malt whisky. Even something as simple as how to enjoy a glass of Glen Scotia 25 year old whisky can evolve into a rather heated argument.

However, despite all the possible arguments people may have about how to enjoy a glass of single malt whisky, many drinkers would still like to argue that it’s still something meant for everyone to enjoy. While some people choose to appreciate things differently, the way they choose to drink their whisky is still something entirely valid.

While there may be an air of loftiness that may come with any single malt whiskey, one that can even discourage others from drinking it, it’s still meant to be enjoyed by all. So, with that in mind, what reasons would you have to choose a single malt whisky?

What’s A Single Malt Anyway?

Before anything else, it’s good to understand what single malt whisky is in the first place. As the name implies, single malt whisky is distilled from malted barley. What’s more, this whiskey comes exclusively from a single distillery. This is unlike the blended whiskies that you would also find, as these are made from a mix of several different grains. Hence the “blended” in their name.

Single malt whiskies are made with the goal of bringing out the style of a particular distillery. As such, each single malt whisky that comes from one distillery may be different from that of another, as each distillery has its own style of producing its drinks.

Unlike your typical blended whisky, single malt whiskies are said to be a more premium liquor. This is because these single malts aren’t “diluted” with other kinds of distilled grains, giving you a more pure beverage.

However, while that may be a common belief, this does not mean blended whiskies are less superior. While you could blame whisky’s complicated history for that prevalent idea, that’s an entirely different conversation on its own. Despite that, blended whiskies are just as good. Single malt whiskies may have more characteristics that appeal to some people more.

Why Choose A Single Malt?

Despite how many people like to build up single malt as something that takes a refined palate to appreciate, it’s something that anyone can enjoy. For those of you who have never tried one, it’s always good to try it once to see what it’s about. However, if you’re still on the fence about it, there are still a few other reasons you should choose a single malt.

●     Taste

Starting with the most obvious, one reason why you should choose a single malt would be for its taste. Of course, you can argue that single malt whiskies can differ depending on the distillery. While this is true, this can also give you a better idea of a distillery’s style. You can see what flavor notes they prefer to highlight and see if their choice of malt barley suits your taste.

Distillery style aside, a single malt whiskey can also have a richer whisky taste. In so far as getting a taste of whisky’s base flavor, a single malt can give you the best feel of this taste-wise. It’s something that still has that whisky taste, equally as strong but also equally as subtle.

●     The Simplicity

While any whisky is good, blended or not, there’s something that a single malt whisky can give you more of. As the single malt consists of only one kind of distilled malt barley, it gives you more of a chance to appreciate all the other flavorful characteristics of the drink. Aside from the barley, you can also taste the other ingredients’ notes in that bottle. This is what’s meant by simplicity. You allow yourself to pick out more of the other characteristics of the whisky. As they say, less is more.

●     It’s Versatility

In terms of how to take your single malt, many would like to argue that you should have it on its own. However, single malt is just as versatile as any other whisky. This means that you can also choose to mix it to create your own single malt-based cocktail.

Of course, purists would say that it’s an abomination. However, considering that single malt is made with one type of malt, you can capitalize on the flavor of that malt and the distillery’s style. You open up new possibilities to find that one distillery’s perfect pairing in terms of cocktail ingredients.


For one reason or another, single malt has always had an air of superiority. It’s this superiority that allowed the prevalence of the idea that it isn’t for everyone to enjoy. However, like any other liquor out there, single malt is meant for everyone to experience.

What’s more, there are several reasons why you might want to have a single malt. From its rich flavor to versatility, many characteristics come with a drink of single malt. So, if you’re wondering whether or not to give it a shot, this is your sign to do so! At least try it once before you decide if it’s for you or not.


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