What is kvass? How is it done? 8 Benefits


Let’s talk about a drink that was famous in Russia and Eastern European countries in ancient times. Thanks to its health benefits, kvass, which is very similar in Turkey, has been on the lips of many people lately. Do not look too far for those who wonder about kvass, which has passed through the fermentation process and is a guest in your home and heals you; because we explain the most useful information to you in these lines.

Kvass, which contains beetroot in its essence, is frequently mentioned among the natural treatment methods. Anyone who has never heard of it can learn what kvass means after reading all these lines. With its natural properties, kvass is a candidate to be the pearl of the beverage industry. It’s time to address the answers to the question of what kvass is, so that its name is heard more and is a cure for many diseases.

What is kvass?

  • Kvass is an alcoholic natural beverage in Eastern Europe prepared using beet juice.
  • The production of kvass in Turkey is prepared without alcohol.
  • The word kvass, which means yeast in the Slavic language, is also called a fermented beverage in Turkish cuisine.
  • After taking its place in glasses as a fermented beverage, it heals the drinker.
  • The most widely consumed kvass is known as kvass prepared with beet juice. If you want to drink kvass when you go to any place in many countries, you can have a purple fermented beverage in your glasses.
  • The kvass drink containing natural probiotics is not missing from the home of those who want to heal with natural methods. If you want to get to know this fermented beverage better and see its benefits, you should meet and taste it as soon as possible.

How Is Kvass Made?

For the production of kvass, antioxidant nutrients are required. Thanks to the recommended antioxidant nutrients, kvass becomes a beverage that helps cleanse the body. So, how to make kvass? What stages does it go through? We will now take a look at this information.

  • Baker’s yeast is used in the original kvass drink. Even those who drink kvass get the taste of bread.
  • Other options use grapes, beets and cabbage. After the fermentation process of these foods, a kvass drink is prepared.
  • Yogurt juice or whey is used to complete the fermentation process effectively. Thanks to these products, fermentation begins.
  • Kvass preparation should be done in a glass jar and the jar should be stored in a cool place.
  • The most preferred type of kvass is beetroot kvass. When this drink is consumed cold, it has many benefits for the body.
  • It is recommended to chop the beets and add them to the bottom of the jar. It is better to chop the beet, which is added in very large pieces, as it will take a long time to release its essence.
  • The use of rock salt is also a very important step to prevent the fermented beet from spoiling.

What Are the Benefits of Kvass?

When you think about years ago, Russia and Eastern European countries have remained fit in the harshest weather conditions thanks to the benefits of kvass. Thanks to the numerous minerals and vitamins in kvass, you can strengthen your immune system. Before drinking, you can read the benefits and consume kvass regularly.

  • Kvass prepared with beets is a complete antioxidant drink. It cleanses the body from toxins and facilitates the elimination of edema.
  • It has the ability to strengthen the immune system. If you drink it regularly, you can lead a disease-free life.
  • Since it is a fermented beverage, it suppresses the feeling of hunger. It has the task of providing satiety for a long time.
  • Provides skin regeneration. It accelerates cell regeneration thanks to its antioxidant effect.
  • Again, because it is a strong antioxidant drink, it controls the nervous system and prevents situations such as stress and anxiety.
  • It meets the vitamin C needed by the body. Thus, the metabolism also remains alive.
  • It helps to clean the intestines. In particular, it removes intestinal parasites from the body in a short time.
  • In case of constipation, kvass can be consumed. It helps the intestines to relax in minutes.

Where to Buy Kvass?

  • Kvass is usually prepared at home and consumed naturally.
  • But for those who do not have the opportunity to make it at home, there are kvass products on sale. Kvass is sold in herbal and organic product shops that sell online.
  • You can browse the organic product shops around you and buy kvass.
  • Kvass sold in 250 ml bottles is priced at an average of 20 TL.

Is Kvass Alcoholic?

In the original kvass formula, alcohol is used for the fermentation process.

  • Consumed in Russia for at least 1000 years, kvass contains bread beer. However, kvass is produced in Turkey without alcohol. Therefore, Russian kvass and Turkish kvass are different from each other.
  • Alcoholic kvass contains rye or bread beer. In the non-alcoholic version, there is yogurt or whey.
  • Beetroot is most commonly used in Turkish kvass drinks. The next preferred fruit is raisins for better taste. Kvass prepared with cabbage is quite rare. These products do not contain alcohol.
  • When you want to drink kvass, it is recommended to consume it cold. If you wish, you can add a lemon slice and serve with ice.
  • It might also be a good idea to add slices of fruit to give it a sweet flavor.

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