Harms and Side Effects of Excessively Consumed Green Tea

Harms of Green Tea

Green tea, which is not missing from cups in a healthy diet, is very successful in strengthening the immune system of people. Those who start the day with green tea know very well; This tea has the power to cleanse the body of toxins. Freshly brewed green tea both relieves menstrual pain and relieves pain. Green tea, which many people love to consume, has benefits as well as harms in some cases. We want to warn you about this. Although the harms of green tea are given in substance, if you want to learn the summary information immediately, you are at the right place.

Harms of Green Tea

  • Reduces the Effect of Medicines
  • Disrupts Sleep Pattern
  • Miscarriage Risk During Pregnancy
  • Tires the Kidneys
  • Causes Iron Deficiency

We have prepared a short list for those who say what are the harms of green tea to be more conscious and lead a healthier life. You will not get bored while reading this list and you will understand very well that you need to consume green tea in a more controlled manner. The harms of green tea are also frequently emphasized by İbrahim Saracoğlu.

If you drink more than 2 cups of green tea a day; It’s time to put a limit on this consumption. You may be surprised by saying that green tea has any harm, but as in everything else, we can say that the most important trick is hidden in the fact that the least decision is the most harm.

The harms of green tea are closely related to blood pressure patients and sensitive people. There may also be those who wonder whether the harm of green tea includes a special situation for men . Although there have been observations that it reduces the reproductive rates in men in experiments on animals, there is no definite information about whether such an effect will occur on humans. Without further ado, you can read our article on the harms of plain, mint and lemon green tea.

Health is not neglected, be careful!

Harms and Side Effects of Excessive Drinking Green Tea

1) Reduces the Effect of Medicines

  • The harms of excessively consumed green tea can be not only on the health of body systems, but also on the effects of drugs to be taken from outside.
  • If you drink a lot of green tea during the day, we will tell you about a study by Japanese researchers.
  • Green tea can be dangerous for people with blood pressure. The reason for this is that drugs containing beta blockers prevent their benefit to the body.
  • If you are both taking blood pressure medication and drinking green tea, you will have to give up green tea.
  • The harm of green tea at this point is that it prevents the drug from being transported to the cells inside the intestines.
  • If you want to fully benefit from the drugs you use; You should stay away from green tea during the medication period.
  • Green tea consumption should be interrupted in order to take the active substance in the blood pressure medications used in the best way.

2) Disrupts Sleep Pattern

  • One of the most important harms of excessive green tea is the possibility of reducing sleep quality.
  • Green tea, which contains caffeine, will disrupt sleep patterns when consumed frequently.
  • If you have a life where you need to wake up early, it is recommended that you consume green tea to a lesser extent.
  • Green tea is a herbal tea that regulates sleep when consumed in moderation, and disturbs sleep when consumed too much.
  • Every time you keep your caffeine intake high, you can stay away from healthy sleep.
  • In order to prevent the harm of green tea to health, it would be better to consume it in a measured and controlled way.
  • Experts do not recommend the consumption of green tea after 22:00 at night.
  • The decrease in sleep quality also indirectly affects the damage of green tea to the skin, because the skin can be renewed in the best way during sleep.

3) Miscarriage Risk During Pregnancy

  • Green tea has the property of relaxing the nerves. Since it is a muscle-relaxing herbal tea, it is preferred on tired days.
  • The muscle-relaxing effect can be a good feature for anyone; but it is very risky during pregnancy.
  • Green tea, which causes the uterine muscles to relax, jeopardizes the health of the baby and the mother during pregnancy.
  • Doctors emphasize avoiding green tea from the day of pregnancy and during pregnancy preparation.
  • Since lemon and flavored green teas will pose a danger during pregnancy, it would be better to get an opinion from the doctor following the pregnancy.

4) Tires the Kidneys

  • Green tea is an antioxidant plant and has become a very popular beverage with this aspect.
  • Antioxidant drinks ensure the removal of excess water from the body. This aspect also helps you get rid of edema.
  • There is something you need to know exactly in this process: If you neglect to drink water on the days you drink green tea; your kidneys get tired and there is fluid loss.
  • Dehydration occurs when fluid is lost. occursAt the end of this chain, stressful processes such as kidney diseases and fainting begin.
  • Doctors recommend that you drink green tea in moderation and consume plenty of water on the days you drink it.
  • The harms of excessively consumed green tea are also seen on the excretory system.

5) Causes Iron Deficiency

  • Harmful effects of drinking green tea , it can also affect the iron level of the body, because the caffeine in green tea can have a negative effect on this issue.
  • Iron deficiency occurs when you frequently drink beverages that are high in caffeine.
  • Another beverage that causes iron deficiency is green tea.
  • It is the healthiest choice to consume green tea in the morning and evening.
  • If you consume more than 2 cups of green tea during the day, you should stop this situation and protect the iron rate in your blood.
  • In order to prevent iron deficiency, you can brew green tea in a very short time. When you keep the tea bag in hot water for 30 seconds, you will reduce the caffeine content and prevent its damage.

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