What is Endive? Benefits, How to Eat?

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Chicory is a healing herb, although it is not well known in our country. It has many health benefits. It is consumed as a vegetable and must be collected in the Spring season. It is thought to be of Egyptian and Indonesian origin. It has been cultivated in Europe since the 16th century. The leaves of the plant are consumed.

The leaf parts are known as ‘chicory’ and ‘radical. It is beneficial to the human body with all kinds of use. We have searched for answers to questions such as how to consume chicory and what are the known benefits of chicory. So, what is chicory? What are the types of chicory?

What is Endive?

  • Chicory is a vegetable belonging to the compound family. Its height varies between 50-100 cm.
  • It has different names in each country or region. Salads or hot meals can be made from the leaves.
  • It can also be used as a spice in meals. Chicory should be stored in a bowl in the refrigerator, out of the light.
  • It is a wild herb. The taste of endive, a woody vegetable, is sour and bitter. Although it is known as a harmful herb, it is a source of healing.
  • It blooms in April and May. It is a perennial plant. It occurs spontaneously in many places around the world.
  • It grows on hills and roadsides. The collection process, which starts in June, lasts until September.
  • The leaves can be collected in the form of rosettes. The plant, whose edges are deeply lobed and toothed, does not like the winter months.
  • Its leaves develop even when it snows. It is known by names such as turkey, bridal navel, oregano, devil’s car, currant salad, chicory and radika.
  • Chicory; It contains minerals such as zinc, manganese, calcium, iron, potassium and magnesium. It is rich in vitamins A, B6, K, C, E.
  • There are two known varieties of endive. The bitter taste is called dandelion, the sweet taste is called chicory.
  • Dandelion grows in spring. Field shores, meadows and roadsides are their growing areas.

What Are the Benefits of Chicory?

  • Chicory is a source of healing food. There are many chicory benefits. That is why this vegetable is used in the treatment of many diseases.
  • It is good for liver and digestive system problems. It improves heart health and prevents possible heart ailments.
  • It prevents heartburn. It helps you manage your cholesterol level. It is good for diabetes and blood sugar problems.
  • It allows you to have a healthy pregnancy. It is beneficial for pregnant women to consume in consultation with their doctor.
  • It prevents mouth problems. It manages your psychological health. It helps prevent gallstones.
  • It has very strong antioxidant properties. It ensures the removal of toxins from the body and prevents poisoning.
  • It prevents cancer cells from spreading to other areas in the body. It is also among the foods that give a feeling of satiety.
  • This vegetable, which you can safely include in your diet, prevents the formation of bloating in the body.
  • It has anti-inflammatory properties. It ends the inflammations that occur especially in the urinary areas.
  • It supports bone development. It prevents bone resorption problems. It prevents many cancers, including stomach and colon cancer.
  • It prevents sleep disorders. In this way, it makes you feel more fit. It has properties that can reduce anxiety.
  • It is a rich source of beta-carotene, which benefits the eyesight. Beta-carotene can be converted to vitamin A.
  • vitamin A; It prevents eye ulcers, dry eyes and itchy eyes. Containing potassium and folate supports brain health.
  • Chicory is especially used in the treatment of arthritis pain. It is also used in the treatment of muscle and joint pain.
  • It helps to overcome constipation. It protects kidney health and ensures the removal of harmful toxins.

How is Chicory Eaten and Consumed?

Chicory should be consumed with attention to some details. Many people wonder what is chicory good for and how to use chicory. We searched for answers to questions such as how to eat chicory and what are many details about chicory. Here is information about how chicory should be consumed with all the details.

  • Chicory leaves can be consumed by adding it to the meals. It is generally preferred in egg, salad and chicken dishes.
  • Ibn-i Sina collected his writings about chicory in a booklet called ‘Hindiba Risalesi’.
  • Here, he says that the extracts of the leaves of the plant made with cold water should be used without washing.
  • In addition, it is known that chicory leaves and roots are boiled and used in the cosmetic industry.
  • If you use it by squeezing the water, it is possible to get rid of your acne and blemish problems.
  • You can cook chicory and cook it hot, or you can dry it and drink it.
  • A cup of chicory herb will prevent stress problems. One cup per day should be consumed regularly.

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