What is Dragon Breath Freeze? How is it done?

What is Dragon Breath Freeze? How is it done?

Do you like to eat ice cream in the scorching heat of summer days? What if you heard that your favorite ice cream is served in an unusual presentation? Many people will not be able to say no to an ice cream that comes with cold steam. We will introduce you to an ice cream that refreshes the eyes and brightens the eyes. Dragon breathes!

Dragon breath takes its place in the food industry as an ice cream that has been very successful in recent years and is not lost on the tongue. The dragon’s breath ice cream, which has spread to many cities from Mersin, is also a matter of curiosity. We’ve done research on dragon breath ice cream for you and we’ve collected them all on this page. See why dragon breath ice cream is so popular?

What is Dragon Breath?

  • Dragon breath is one of the new generation ice cream types and attracts a lot of attention on hot summer days.
  • When you eat this ice cream, it is called dragon ice cream or dragon breath because steam comes out of your mouth.
  • The escaping steam has a very interesting secret. Let’s explain this secret to those who think about what’s inside the dragon’s breath.
  • When ice cream is served, steam forms around it. This vapor is actually a substance called nitrogen.
  • You won’t believe your eyes when this cold food, served in 2 different ways, sweet and salty, comes in front of you with nitrogen.
  • You will think of it as if you opened a freezer. Dragon breath, which is offered with a variety of sweets in several different colors, takes its color from seasonal fruits.
  • These interesting foods, which you can see as nitrogen ice cream, dragon ice cream, and dragon breath, attract a lot of attention in many parts of the world.
  • Dragon breathe, which has become famous in Turkey in recent years, is found in almost many cities.
  • This food, which is presented with special colored balls called dragon’s breath, is sold in disposable containers in a hygienic way with tiny servings.

How to Make Dragon Breath Ice Cream?

We have answered your questions about dragon breath materials and the construction phase under this title. The remarkable dragon breath ice cream is made as follows:

  • Dragon’s breath ice cream has specially colored meringue. These meringues are supplied from countries other than Turkey.
  • If you are going to eat nitrogen ice cream, the ice creams are supplied from companies in the country.
  • While preparing dragon breath, liquid nitrogen is added to the meringues or ice cream.
  • The visual show will only last a few minutes, as the liquid nitrogen will wear off in 5 minutes.
  • You can see smoke coming out of your mouth when consumed as it is served, when you look in the mirror or when your friend is videotaping you.
  • If you pay attention to visual details about eating, you should definitely try it.
  • If you say what is the use of dragon breath, there is no benefit. It appears as an option when you just want to eat something cool.

Where to Buy Dragon Breath?

  • Dragon breath has been appearing frequently in shopping malls lately.
  • A stand with sales points in branches and dealerships is set up and presented to the consumer.
  • The price of dragon breath ice cream has been determined as 10 TL for 1 serving in 2020.

Dragon’s Breath Freezing Harms and Side Effects

It is a matter of debate whether the nitrogen used in dragon breath is harmful to health. Let’s explain this issue to enlighten you:

  • Liquid nitrogen is a colorless, odorless, and tasteless substance.
  • Nitrogen is produced from liquefied air by the distillation method.
  • Since it is a freezing liquid, it causes freezing on contact.
  • Liquid nitrogen is used to freeze food for long trips. There is no harm in it as it is next to the food.
  • Since liquid nitrogen is used in coffee presentations, dessert services, and ice cream presentations, it has not caused any harm until now.
  • However, if liquid nitrogen comes into direct contact with the skin, it can cause a skin irritation called frostbite.
  • You can safely consume dragon breath ice cream.

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