15 things to remember when using chicken eggs to not harm health

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Eggs are a common food in many families’ daily meals. Eggs are both delicious and nutritious and a great source of protein for the body. However, if you do not know how to process it, you will accidentally turn eggs into food that is harmful to health.

Improper use of eggs will be harmful to health.1. Boil eggs too well

Normally, we only need to boil eggs for 5-10 minutes. When using chopsticks to try, if the egg skin is rough, it is considered a cooked egg. However, many housewives worry that the eggs are still undercooked and boiled longer. This only causes the nutrients in the eggs to be lost.

2. Dark-colored eggs contain many nutrients

Many women believe that the darker the egg, the more nutrients it contains. This is not entirely true and there is no scientific evidence to prove it. Ideally, you should choose eggs with bright colors, pink and fresh shells.

3. Eat boiled eggs overnight

Eggs boiled overnight can cause nutrients such as protein to be damaged, and the nutritional composition is significantly reduced. Therefore, it is best to use it immediately after the eggs have been boiled.

4. Eat eggs and soy milk

Absolutely do not use eggs with soy milk.Soy milk contains trypsin inhibitors. This substance combines with the protein in the egg to break down the protein. That is why these two foods are taboo when used together.

5. For children with fever

Scientists recommend that parents should not give eggs to children when they have a fever or have just woke up because the components in eggs such as albumin, ovalbumin, protein can generate strong heat, making the baby’s body not healthy. The fever did not decrease but worsened.

6. Over-Frying Eggs

Frying eggs too thoroughly will turn proteins into low-molecular amino acids and are very harmful to our health. Frying the eggs will help them retain the best nutrients.

7. Uncooked chicken eggs

Raw chicken eggs themselves carry many pathogens, bacteria and it is only destroyed when cooked. Therefore, to ensure the health of family members, housewives must process cooked eggs before eating.

Do not eat uncooked eggs8. Boil eggs mixed with white sugar

These two substances combined will cause the amino acids in the white to become fructose lysine, which is very harmful to health. It is best to boil eggs only in cold water to ensure the nutrients are intact.

9. Eggs and noodles

Noodle is a seasoning in many dishes, but it is advised not to be used with chicken eggs because MSG is similar to chicken eggs and does not need to be added.

10. Boiled chicken eggs soaked in water

We have a habit of soaking boiled chicken eggs in cold water to make it easier to peel eggs, but this habit is harmful that not everyone knows. When the temperature of a chicken egg suddenly drops, it will also make it easier for bacteria to penetrate, causing the egg to be malformed and not nutritious for absorption.

11. Eat raw eggs

Eating raw eggs is very dangerous for human health because raw eggs are often contaminated with bacteria that can inhibit the central nervous system, cause gastritis, cause indigestion, can lead to poisoning, …

12. Eat chicken eggs with persimmons

Eggs eaten with persimmons will be at risk of poisoning, causing gastritis and acute enteritis.

Do not eat eggs with persimmons13. Boil chicken eggs with tea leaves

The iron in chicken eggs combined with the alkaline and sour properties in tea leaves will make your indigestion and the risk of gastritis.

14. Eat chicken eggs with rabbit meat

Rabbit meat should not be eaten with chicken eggs because they will cause a reaction, irritate the stomach leading to diarrhea.

15.How to boil chicken eggs properly

Boil eggs with cold water for 5-10 minutes, then turn off the heat, leave in the pot for another 5 minutes before starting to use. At this point, the eggs have been cooked to, not too thoroughly, and ensure that the nutrients are not decomposed and are easily absorbed.

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