What Is Glycerin? Uses, Benefits and Side Effects

What Is Glycerin

You may have used many products for skin and hair care until now. While you are satisfied with some products, you may even feel sorry for the money you pay for some. Of course, the change you want will be immediate effect and health. If we tell you about a product that moisturizes your skin, protects your face from diseases and stains, and adds vitality and health to your hair, you might think for a moment. There is one more thing that has all these effects: glycerin.

Glycerin has properties that will cure many problems for your health. Hair, skin, pain, oral care and more! Now let’s take a little trip to know glycerine better. After you finish reading our article, you can understand how effective glycerin is and keep it at home. When it comes to your health, one of the aids you need will be glycerin!

What Is Glycerin?

  • Glycerin is an organic compound composed of oxygen, carbon and hydrogen.
  • It was first discovered by Carl Wilhelm Scheele in 1779.
  • Although he first said that alcohol is a substance, he stated that he named this substance glycerin because of its sweet and sugary taste.
  • This liquid, which is colorless, liquid and has a sweet taste, has the property of being miscible with water.
  • When the glycerin formula is examined, 35% glycerin, 20% methanol, 30% oil, 10% water, 5% sodium salts draw attention. It is formulated as C3H8O3.
  • Another name for glycerin is expressed as “glycerol”. It is obtained from animal and vegetable oils. There is no serious harm to human health.
  • Suitable for skin contact. It is a substance that is widely used not only for the skin, but also in many areas.

What Does Glycerin Do? What are the Benefits?

  • If you clean your face with a mixture of glycerin and rose water before applying make-up, your make-up will become more permanent.
  • Glycerin is a very effective ingredient in nail care. If your nails are soaked in a mixture with rose water and glycerin, glycerin will prevent your nails from breaking and cracking.
  • It allows you to have more vivid nails.
  • Glycerin has positive effects on skin care and health. If you are suffering from skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, glycerin will protect your skin.
  • When you mix pure water and glycerin in a glass and apply, you can alleviate the effects of these diseases.
  • It will moisturize and relax your skin.
  • For scalp scars, try the glycerin and aloe vera duo. It will heal your skin and relax your scalp.
  • Glycerin is a substance with antiseptic properties. In this respect, it will heal the wounds in the mouth.
  • If you have been dealing with canker sores lately, glycerin will be your remedy.
  • Heals and regenerates the skin of the feet. It removes the wounds on the feet, especially the callus problem.
  • Glycerin protects lips from cold and moisturizes them.
  • If your skin has a tonal difference due to the sun, glycerin has the ability to equalize the skin tone. At this point, we recommend using glycerin oil.
  • There are many moisturizing products on the market.
  • If you look at the ingredients of these products, you can notice glycerin. Because glycerin is a substance that moisturizes the skin in its most natural state. You can also moisturize your skin naturally with glycerin at home.
  • It will be very effective for elbows, heels and hands.
  • Hair care is a topic that comes up frequently in society. We heard those who said what product we should use, what should we put on our hair, and we caught up right away. We will recommend you glycerin for the health of your hair. Glycerin gives moisture to the hair and adds vitality.

How and Where Is Glycerin Used?

  • Usage for Hair: It is applied directly to damp hair to be repeated several times a week.
  • Massage your damp hair with glycerin and leave it for 5 minutes. Then wash and dry your hair. Glycerin will be effective for your hair health.
  • Usage for Skin: Apply glycerine to the desired area with the help of a cotton ball to moisturize your skin. This is how you can moisturize the elbows, kneecaps and heels.
  • Lip Protector: Mix some honey, lemon juice and glycerin. Apply a small amount to your lips before going to sleep.
  • To Equalize Skin Tone: Obtain a liquid mixture of rose water and glycerin and apply it to the areas with a difference in tone with the help of cotton.
  • Above the lips and around the eyes are the most applied areas. Glycerin seems to replace many cosmetic products with its benefits for the skin.
  • Foot Care: Soak your feet in warm water for a while. As soon as the calluses soften, file the calluses with the foot file.
  • Then wash your feet with glycerin and let it dry.
  • After drying, you should put on a new sock. In regular use, it destroys foot problems such as calluses.
  • For Oral Health: Fill a glass half with drinking water and half with glycerin.
  • Gargle this mixture and spit it out. With this application, both bad breath and wounds in the mouth disappear.
  • Nail Care: In a small bowl, mix some glycerine, rose water and peroxide.
  • Soak your nails in this water for 10 minutes. The effect of this water is to add shine and vitality to your nails.
  • Ear Cleaning: Glycerin is used for ear drops. When one or two drops are dropped into the ear, it will drain the dust in the ear.
  • In Flower Storage: The method of drying flowers with glycerine is frequently applied.
  • To keep live flowers in your home for a long time, prepare a water containing glycerin and store the flowers with thick stems in this water in a vase.
  • Your flowers, which will fade after a while, will not go to waste and will become a decoration of your home.

In addition, glycerin is used for the following purposes:

  • As a humectant for food preservation
  • As an excipient in the content of glycerin eye drops
  • For thickening and improving the texture of ice creams
  • In cough syrups
  • in stain removal
  • candle making
  • in soap making,
  • Humidifier in cosmetic products
  • It is used in the content of suppositories.

Can glycerin be applied around the eyes?

  • Yes, it is suitable for use for tone differences around the eyes. If you use glycerin for the eye area, you can make the eyes look more lively.
  • Since it has cell renewal feature, it helps the skin to look brighter and tighter.
  • In this way, you can gain a younger look.

Can you drink glycerin?

  • Since glycerin is an auxiliary material in many food products, it is consumed in some way.
  • It is not suitable to drink directly in its pure form. It will not be appropriate to consume the glycerine you have taken to see its benefits.
  • In case of drinking, burning and souring in the stomach and even poisoning may occur.

How is glycerin used in cleaning?

  • Generally, glycerin, which will be of great help in cleaning glass, can be mixed with water and used. Prepare a mixture of half water and half glycerin in a spray bottle and spray and clean on surfaces such as glass.
  • If you use it while cleaning glass and cabinet doors, you will help your home smell and clean.
  • It will prevent the dust from staying on the surface for a long time.

Is glycerin dripped into the nose?

  • Glycerin can be used for nasal congestion.
  • For this purpose, a drop or two of glycerin is dripped into one of the nostrils and one of the holes is closed and the mucus causing congestion in the nose is expelled.
  • It will open your breath in no time.

Does glycerin break down?

  • If the opened glycerin is in contact with air for a long time or if it is left at high temperature, there will be a possibility of deterioration.
  • Therefore, it is recommended to store it in a cool place.
  • If you do not use it for a long time after opening the lid, the structure of the glycerin may deteriorate. After checking, you can continue to use.

Glycerin Side Effects and Harms

  • Glycerin does not have any side effects. If your skin has a very sensitive structure, we recommend that you dilute the glycerine you will use naturally with a little water.
  • In addition, heavy use should be avoided. Excessive use of glycerin can close the skin pores.
  • You should not use glycerine on very hot and sunny days.
  • If you use creams containing glycerin under high heat, you may cause your skin to burn.

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