What goes with the pastry? 10 Delicious Companions


The taste of five o’clock teas, guest tables or wide morning breakfasts, appealing to both the eyes and the stomach, is enough to become the star of the kitchens thanks to its application specific to each region and its different varieties! If you have a busy work schedule, live in a family with children or are looking for practical solutions for your meals, you can turn your meals into a feast with delicious pastry recipes that you will make in a very short time. However, although it has a satisfying feature even on its own, we often cannot help but think about what to make with the pastry . Thanks to these alternatives, the solution is now very easy!

He is considering preparing a crowded guest table; however , if you cannot find an answer to the question of what goes with the pastry, you can offer delicious tastes in a short time thanks to the recipes you will prepare with small touches. At the same time, if you have a group of friends who do not consume every food or guests with different tastes , it is also possible to prepare tables suitable for pies with vegetables, minced meat or cheese.

So, let’s take a look at our article, where you can find answers to questions such as what goes with mince pie, what goes with cheese pie, or what goes with potato pie ! But first, let’s add that famous pastry recipe, which is added to the most books on our website and watched by millions of people!

If Pie is on the menu, the rest is easy! 10 Helpful Recipes That Will Go Well With Pies

1) Delicious Chicken Soup

  • We start the list by answering the question of what goes with the pastry and what can be eaten before the alternative pastry!
  • Soup, which is one of the must-haves for the beginning, is the right alternative in terms of being both practical and adapting to every meal.
  • If you plan to consume only pastries for dinner, you can have a meal without tiring your stomach and feeling hungry thanks to a soup you prefer according to your taste beforehand .
  • This soup with plenty of healing prepared with chicken meat is an excellent answer to your question, what goes with a pie with vegetables and cheese, do n’t miss the video narration!

2) Cherry Compote

  • Who can say no to a fresh compote next to the crispy pastry on the smoke!
  • Compote, which is a very useful choice for hot weather, is a savior for those looking for healthy and delicious alternatives.
  • Especially if you are going to consume pastries as a snack, you can create an option that is both refreshing and calorie-free, thanks to the cherry compote you will add to it.
  • Compote would be a great answer to the question of what to do with the pastry, to bring the perfect harmony of hot and cold balance to the table.

3) Dill Walnut Salad

  • A salad prepared with nutritious ingredients is often a candidate to be the star of the table.
  • You can prepare both practical and visually appealing salads at the tables you will set for your guests or in the meals you will prepare in the family, and you can easily serve them with all kinds of pastries.
  • If you are thinking about what goes with the minced meat pie, you can balance the nutrients with a salad with lots of walnuts and dill.
  • Those who say what goes with the pastry for breakfast can also consider this option, the walnut salad with dill!

4) barren

  • The indispensable recipe for daytime sittings or afternoon teas is among the list-top alternatives that can be offered alongside the barren pastry .
  • If you have prepared a pie with vegetables or cheese and you think what goes with the pastry, you can easily apply the vicious recipe with plenty of sour.
  • You will love the harmony of barren with börek, which you can also consume in between meals!
  • We take the research of what to eat with a pastry to the next level and say what goes well with a pastry, how to create a magnificent duo, and our answer is absolutely sterile.

5) Buttermilk

  • You have made all your preparations, you have prepared a table with various pastry recipes; however, if you are looking for a light alternative to consume with pastry, the solution is very simple!
  • Ayran, which will be compatible with the crispy pastries, will also help the stomach to rest and facilitate digestion.
  • You can also enjoy the pastries you consume with homemade natural ayran .
  • Börek is the main character but I am looking for a good complement, buttermilk is one of the best options for those who say what to do with the pastry.

6) Shakshuka

  • If you like to consume pastries and you will prefer mince pies for dinner , you can set practical tables with a frying recipe consisting of a combination of different vegetables that you will serve.
  • If you are hesitant about consuming pastry and frying at the same time, you should avoid deep-fat frying recipes.
  • At the same time , you can create a delicious alternative for your children thanks to the şakşuka recipe that you will prepare by combining different vegetables.
  • If you want to prepare a different dinner table, especially if you want to go with the pastry for dinner, we recommend you to try this recipe.

7) Olive Oil Wrap

  • The wrap, which is enjoyed by everyone from small to large, is of course a very harmonious alternative for your pastry recipes.
  • You can easily consume the wrap, which is mostly preferred as a hot starter, with all kinds of pastry recipes.
  • At the same time, you will love the harmony of these two flavors for your guests that you will host during the day!
  • Those who say, “What to go with the meat pie, in order to maintain the balance of meat and vegetables, can catch a wonderful taste harmony on the table with olive oil wrap.”

8) Barley Noodle Salad

  • She is thinking of preparing a delicious pastry for tea time or dinner; but if you don’t know what you can serve with it , we have a practical and very different suggestion!
  • Barley noodle salad is perfect for those who do not want to repeat themselves with classic salad and appetizer recipes! Especially a refreshing answer to your question, what goes with mince pies!
  • You can prepare a quickie until the pastry is cooked; A delicious refreshing salad recipe will be waiting for you with roasted peppers, corn, pickled gherkins, dill, parsley and spring onions!
  • For those who say what goes with spinach pastry, barley noodle salad can be a recipe that will add surprise to the table.

9) Green Lentil Salad with Yogurt

  • We have a refreshing and nutritious sidekick recipe for your meatball, cheese and vegetable pie!
  • Green lentil salad with yogurt is an economical and easy recipe with few ingredients, you can add it to your table without hesitation!
  • Blended with green lentils, barley vermicelli, garlic, yogurt and mayonnaise, this flavor will get full marks from your guests!
  • We are sure that you will not regret it if you prefer a thick lentil salad that integrates your crispy pastry with soft yogurt.

10) Chicken Sauteed

  • Of meals to both the eye and the stomach If you want to appeal, and if the main dishes are extra important for you, you can set a stylish table with this recipe you can prepare a little time separating them.
  • The best answer to the question of which dish goes with the pastry is chicken recipes.
  • You can prepare a satisfying dinner with chicken sauté, which you will prepare by flavoring it with different spices, as well as the pastries that have just come out of the oven. A delicious, protein-fortified answer to your question of what goes with cheese or spinach pastry!
  • At the same time, you can create different alternatives with vegetables, mushrooms or plain chicken sauté depending on the type of pastry you prefer.

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