Can You Eat Blowfish? Is it poisonous? Harms


While sea creatures are sometimes beneficial for health, sometimes they can become dangerous. Before consuming fish and aquatic products, it is recommended to get information from a fisherman or expert who knows this business well. Because unconsciously consumed sea creatures can cause serious consequences, up to poisoning and sometimes even loss of life.

In some cases, pufferfish, which is one of the sea creatures that you should pay attention to, may not be suitable for eating. If you want to get to know these fish, which inflate like balloons to protect yourself, more closely; You should read this useful article to the end.

Because these lines explain the feature of blowfish for fish lovers. Those who wonder if pufferfish can be eaten will be very surprised when they read the opinions of the experts!

What is a Blowfish?

  • We can introduce this fish by explaining where the name of the pufferfish comes from.
  • These fish have the ability to inflate to defend themselves against other fish, according to scientists.
  • When the general skeletal structure is examined, the fish, which are quite clumsy, move very slowly under the water to avoid their enemies. The spines on the skin of pufferfish form a protective wall in case of swelling.
  • Inflating like a balloon to protect themselves from larger fish, pufferfish inflate under the chin among all their species. It swells from under the chin to the body, preventing foreign fish from circulating around it.
  • Blobfish, a fish species that loves temperate seas, migrate from deep waters to the beaches and sometimes brackish water regions where they live in April and May and begin to breed between July and September.
  • It is a species that fishermen do not like very much. Because their hard palate cuts the fishing lines.
  • It is known as a warrior fish. Its name is included in the sources with the term “Lagocephalus sceleratus”.
  • Blowfish lie on the bottom to continue their generation and hunt for feeding by watching small creatures with their eyes on their heads.
  • A type of puffer fish, called the green spotted puffer, is a suitable species to feed at home.
  • By providing a large aquarium, you can feed the recommended puffer fish at home. For the most detailed information, you can get information from the people you bought the fish from.

Can You Eat Blowfish?

  • Not all creatures living under the sea are suitable for consumption. Blowfish is also one of the banned fish.
  • If you want to buy puffer fish to consume; You should remember that the consumption of this fish is prohibited.
  • If you think what kind of drawbacks are caused by consuming puffer fish; You may remember that these fish are rich in poisonous substances and cause serious health problems, up to death.

Does Blowfish Attack Humans?

  • The pufferfish, which has an aggressive nature, usually swells to protect itself from the creatures circulating around it.
  • Due to the global climate change, puffer fish, which can be seen even in shallow waters, suddenly begin to inflate, realizing the danger that will come to them.
  • When they realize external factors such as human hands, fishing rods, and octopuses, pufferfish, which start to attack, are creatures that tend to harm.

Blowfish Harms: Is It Toxic?

  • Blowfish is a type of fish with harmful effects. The damage is reflected both to fishermen and to health.
  • They interfere with the fishermen’s work because they break the fishing rods. Damages to health cause irreversible results.
  • Blowfish is a species that feeds on poison. There is a substance “tetrodotoxin” in their liver. This substance draws attention with its poisonous aspect.
  • Tetrodotoxin, which is included in scientific sources with the TTX code, spreads to the body of the person who consumes the puffer fish.
  • TTX chemical, which has a poisonous property, is a more effective poison than cyanide.
  • Unfortunately, puffer fish containing TTX chemical is consumed by people in various countries of the world.
  • The puffer fish, which is frequently consumed especially in Japan, has a great danger behind its cute appearance.
  • To support healthy and conscious fish consumption; Due to the risks of puffer fish, it is forbidden to land and sell 2 species of Lagocephalus sceleratus, Lagocephalus spadiceus in our country.

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