Red Snapper

Red Snapper

What does red snapper mean? Red snapper is the best-known fish of the Trigladae family. The fish, which is widely used, lives in the seas of the world, from the East Atlantic to the coasts of Norway and West Africa, in the Indian Ocean, in waters with a temperature range of 8-24 degrees. In our country, it can live in all waters; however, it is found in abundance in the Marmara, Aegean and Mediterranean waters compared to the hard waters of the Black Sea.

It is 25-30 cm in average, and 75 cm ones are rarely seen. They are fish that do not leave their habitat and do not migrate. Small snapper fish are known as dervish fish .

The back color is red-pink, the belly is pink and white. The head of the swallow fish, which has a flattened body from the sides, is quite large, its eyes are large and its mouth is bellows. They can live up to 15-20 years. They are usually found at the bottom of the waters.

Due to their developed gills and laryngeal structure, they can make humming sounds , and are considered ‘groaning fish’ by fishermen and considered unlucky.

Other members of the Trigladea family can be listed as long-finned swallow, spotted swallow, red swallow, upright-fronted swallow and orphan.

How to Hunt Red Snapper?

Red Snapper fishing can be done easily because it is available in every season. The red snapper season is mostly April, May and June. It is necessary to turn to natural preferences for red snapper feed ; because the red snapper is a fish that comes to natural bait.

Fish such as horse mackerel, bream, garfish, mackerel and mackerel can be used as bait. If a fish with scales such as butts will be used as bait, it is recommended to clean the scales before hunting.

The snapper team: it can be diversified as long shackle bottom drag, wire scale body, three shackle set and lug set.

It is important that the needle is inserted completely into the food every time. If this step is skipped, the bait will not attract the attention of the fish at the bottom. Red Snapper fishing is more efficient if it is done on a moving boat. Since it is a slow-growing fish, it is necessary not to move the swallow food too fast. At this stage, it is useful to check the feed from time to time.

How to Clean a Red Snapper?

The snapper is a scaly fish. For this reason, first of all, the scales should be cleaned gently, without damaging the meat of the fish. After the scales are cleaned, the internal organs of the fish are cleaned and sliced ​​according to the preferred shape. The head of the red snapper is quite large compared to its body. It would be a good choice to use the head of the fish for soup making after cleaning.

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