What are the Benefits of Carrot Juice? When to Drink?

Fresh Milk Carrot Juice Recipe

Carrot, which is one of the favorite nutritious vegetables of the kitchen, is one of the indispensable vegetables of salads with its benefits. Adding flavor to the tables thanks to its slightly sweet and sugary taste, carrots can be consumed raw as well as drunk by squeezing the juice.

What are the Benefits of Carrot Juice?

  • The benefits of carrot juice, which is known to have a protective feature against cancer, is especially effective against prostate cancer and colon cancer.
  • The vegetable containing beta-carotene, which gives the carrot its orange color, is good for eye health as it contains high levels of vitamin A. It reduces the risk of diseases such as aging-related eye diseases and cataracts.
  • Carrot juice, which is beneficial for skin health, contains high amounts of antioxidants. With its antioxidant content, it protects the skin against external factors and helps to remove skin blemishes. It is especially beneficial for nails and hair along with the skin. Among the benefits of carrot juice for the hair is that it nourishes the hair.
  • Carrot juice, which is good for heart health, has blood cleansing properties. It accelerates the circulation of blood in the body and helps to prevent vascular occlusion by fighting against harmful radicals, thus allowing the heart to work more healthily.
  • Carrot juice is good for brain health. It helps to repair damaged cells by protecting nerve cells in the brain. It has a restorative effect on brain cells against forgetfulness, dementia and weakening in thinking, especially in old age. Allows more comfortable thinking and carrot juice
  • It is known to have preventive effects on Alzheimer’s.
  • It allows the healthy development of muscle structure in the developmental age. It also helps keep muscles healthy in adults.

What Is Carrot Juice Good For?

Since carrot juice is good for the body in many ways from skin health to mental health, those who will consume it wonder whether carrot juice is good for the stomach or “Is carrot juice good for cancer”. Carrot juice is known to be good for cancer because it has a protective effect against cancer. It also has a stomach-strengthening effect and has a relaxing effect on the digestive system.

Since carrot juice is also recommended for pregnant women, expectant mothers wonder whether carrot juice increases amniotic fluid. Carrot juice increases the amnion, gives vitality to expectant mothers and contributes positively to the development of the baby. Thanks to the vitamin A in its content, it regulates blood pressure and allows a healthier pregnancy.

Another situation where carrot juice is good is sexuality. The food, which has the ability to increase sex drive, increases sexual desire and carrot juice increases sperm count. It is said that it can be useful against impotence, especially in men.

Carrot Juice Calories and Nutritional Value

Carrot juice, which is a full vitamin store with its taste and nutritional value, is known as a high-calorie food in terms of calories. On the contrary, a 200 ml glass of carrot juice contains 80 calories. Vegetable juice, which is thought to make you gain weight because it is a sweet vegetable, can be consumed with peace of mind as it is a low-calorie food. Vegetable juice, which is included in the menus of those who want to lose weight without being hungry, because it contains high fiber, prevents food from turning into fat and makes the intestines work.

Looking at the nutritional values ​​of carrot juice, it contains vitamins A, C and K, along with B group vitamins. In terms of minerals, it is a rich source of potassium, zinc and copper minerals. In addition, it contains a high amount of fiber, and since there is approximately 3 grams of fiber in 1 glass of carrot juice, it easily meets a part of the daily fiber needs of men and women.

It is recommended for dieters as it is a low carbohydrate vegetable. In terms of sugar, one wonders whether carrot juice, which has close to 6 grams of sugar in a medium-sized glass, raises sugar and “is carrot juice an acid or a base”. Since carrot is a sugar-containing vegetable, diabetics should consult a doctor before drinking carrot juice, and carrot juice is acidic because it contains pantothenic acid and folic acid.

How to Make Carrot Juice?

It is quite easy to prepare carrot juice, which is prepared from carrot vegetables. You start by washing 4-5 carrots with cold water for a glass of carrot juice. The skins of the carrots, which are washed with a vegetable brush, are peeled. If you are using organic carrots, there is no need to peel them. The peeled carrots are cut into 1-2 cm pieces and thrown into the blender. If the carrots are minced in a blender until they are pureed, a small amount of water can be added if they are not divided. After the vegetables are completely pureed, you can add some water to the mixture you get.

Depending on the amount of carrots you use, add about a glass of pre-boiled water to the mixture you prepared and mix thoroughly until the water is evenly distributed. Adding water to the mashed mixture thins the consistency of the mashed carrots and provides a more flavorful carrot juice.

When and How Much Carrot Juice Should Be Drinked?

Carrot juice is a vegetable juice that is generally recommended to be consumed fresh. Carrot juice cure, which can be consumed in the middle of the day as well as in the morning when freshly squeezed, can also be drunk in the evening. Usually one or two glasses a day is enough for the body.

When it is consumed regularly, it is more beneficial for health if it is taken at the same time of the day. Especially when it is desired to be consumed regularly, it is recommended to drink one or two glasses after dinner. When consumed after dinner, it is recommended not to eat anything else afterwards. When consumed regularly, one might wonder if carrot juice gives color to the skin. When consumed regularly, it gives the skin an orange color and makes the skin look bright.

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