How Many Calories in Chocolate Souffle?

Calories in Chocolate Souffle

Souffle, which is among the egg-based desserts, is a food consumed by chocolate lovers. Souffle, which is widely consumed in two different types according to taste, served hot and cold, is prepared with eggs and melted chocolate.

When some flour and butter are included in this work, a delicious energy bomb emerges. It seems that the sugar-containing soufflé will force dieters to escape a little in terms of calories. If you love soufflé and you eat with a calorie count; How many calories in a souffle article will provide you with the answers you are looking for!

Now, let’s fill this page with lots of chocolate and examine the calorie values ​​of the souffle. Let’s recommend 5 popular recipes for those who want to make soufflé at home in minutes. A little escapism might be good for you, too. But first, let’s take a look at the calorie information!

How Many Calories in Chocolate Souffle?

Among the desserts with high sugar and fat content, the souffle, which attracts attention with its fluid consistency, is a dessert that diabetics should be careful about. If you want to taste the souffle, it is recommended to taste one or two spoons. When you go out of portion control, your calories will be:

  • 1 serving of chocolate soufflé calories: 396 calories
  • How many calories in half a portion of chocolate soufflé: 198 calories
  • Quarter portion of soufflé: 108 calories

Souffle gets most of its caloric and nutritional value from fat and carbohydrates. One medium soufflé contains about 20 grams of fat. When consumed while on a diet, the daily exercise period should be extended. When viewed in this way, souffle is one of the desserts that should not be consumed in the diet in terms of calorie and carbohydrate value.

How Many Calories in Burger King Souffle?

The popular sweet souffle is produced by many companies. If you choose Burger King, do you wonder how many calories will be saved by the souffle you will buy? Here is the number of calories in Burger King soufflé:

  • How many calories in Burger King 1 serving of soufflé: 477 calories

How Many Calories in Dominos Souffle?

Dominos, one of the pizza chains, also seems to be quite assertive about soufflé. If you want to eat a soufflé after a pizza getaway; We would like to remind you of the calorie information:

  • 1 Dominos souffle is about 350 calories.

How Many Calories in Olala Souffle?

Olala Soufflé, owned by Ülker, is a snack that souffle lovers can obtain instantly. Olala Souffle, which is sold in a package, comes to your rescue in sweet crises.

So, what about the calories you’ll get?

  • 1 pack Ülker Olala Souffle: 292 calories

Does Eating Soufflé Make You Gain Weight, or Can It Be Eaten on a Diet?

When the materials required to prepare the soufflé are examined;

  • Oil
  • Sugar
  • Chocolate
  • Cocoa
  • Egg
  • It appears to be flour.


  • Souffle raises the blood sugar of diabetics. Therefore, it is not suitable for diet programs.
  • Since the fat content is high, souffle should not be consumed during the diet period.
  • Souffle appears as a food that makes you gain weight in excessive consumption.
  • If you want to eat souffle, you can try diet souffle with healthier ingredients and consume it. You can spend your sweet hours more qualified with souffle recipes that are low in sugar and fat.

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