Pumpkin: Excessive consumption of pumpkin affects the body in this way


The pumpkin has different shapes and different colors, it is a vegetable that offers a sweet taste and is known worldwide as orange pumpkin for using it on party dates such as Halloween, although the most important thing is that it becomes a food with a great source of vitamins , a high fiber content and is very low in calories , so that many people incorporate it into their daily diet.

This vegetable is very rich in water , while the levels of calories and carbohydrates are inversely proportional to the level of fiber , this means that it has very few calories and carbohydrates, in addition to the simple fact that it is made up mostly of water favors health, however it must be taken into account that everything in excess is harmful .

Pumpkin as a daily diet, is it bad for health?

Like any other food , the pumpkin if we consume it in large quantities and abusing it every day, can cause some consequences, although we must say that it is not precisely the pumpkin but its seeds , since these seeds contain a large amount of fiber , they can cause indigestion due to their heaviness and diarrhea, being the most common.

In turn , pumpkin seeds can cause different discomforts for our health, since there have been some cases of people who have been allergic , so that it can become an impediment to consume it every day, finally something not very common that pumpkin seeds usually cause , is weight gain , although it is a vegetable with very few calories , its seeds have a higher level and its daily intake can uncontrol the weight.

Benefits of consuming pumpkin

The pumpkin has a high content of vitamin C , fiber and potassium , so that it supports the health of the heart as a whole, allowing it to lower blood pressure , reducing the risk of suffering from cardiovascular disease, since adequate consumption of potassium is so important as the reduction of sodium intake for the treatment of hypertension.

In addition, it especially favors the good condition of the skin , the eyes , and the nervous and digestive systems , which is why natural medicine recommends its consumption to correct photophobia and night blindness, as well as to prevent various conditions such as high cholesterol. and angina pectoris that can affect the heart.

The best thing is that the color of the pumpkin says a lot about it, since the more intense the color, the more antioxidant nutrients it will have , therefore it means that these antioxidants cause your body to delay the aging of cells and improve the immune system, preventing flu and colds, all thanks to its combination of vitamins and minerals.

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