Top 10 Foods That Make Your Stomach Bloat

stomach bloat
After each meal, you just want to unbutton your pants! Know that this problem could surely be avoided by reducing your consumption of certain foods such as…

Foods That Make Your Stomach Bloat


The cruciferous family is not really the ally of people who suffer from bloating.

These are foods that tend to ferment in our digestive tract , creating gas and digestive discomfort.

For a flat stomach, we avoid them!


Lentils, peas, beans, white beans, red beans, chickpeas… Legumes are full of benefits, but not that of giving a flat stomach!

Like sprouts, they are fermentable foods , meaning they ferment in our stomachs.

But there is still a trick to limit digestive discomfort: soak them overnight in a bowl full of water.

Raw vegetables

Top 10 foods that make your stomach swell raw vegetables

Raw vegetables are great for your figure in general, but they tend to bloat in your stomach .

So, for a flat stomach, do not consume too much and chew for a long time!

white bread

Top 10 Belly Bloating Foods White Bread

White bread makes the stomach swell , because it is poorly digested and can cause digestive disorders.

If you are a fan of bread, but you are fed up with your round belly, simply replace it with wholemeal bread , it provides twice as much insoluble fiber, which facilitates intestinal transit and, in addition, gives a faster feeling of satiety.

In the same way, prefer pasta, rice and wholemeal crackers.

The banana

Bananas promote gas formation and tend to constipate  !

So, to lose belly, prefer fruits that are easier to digest like apples.

You can still eat it, but wait until it is fully ripe to digest it better.

Dairy products

Top 10 Foods That Make Your Belly Bloat Dairy Products

Milk and dairy desserts contain lactose, a substance that must be digested by enzymes, lactases.

In some adults, these lactases are not present in sufficient numbers, which makes it particularly difficult to digest milk .

If you are in this case, consume yogurts made from fermented milk instead. They contain good bacteria helping digestion by balancing our intestinal flora.

French fries

Very fatty foods make you fat, we know it

But fried foods also tend to cause bloating and slow down intestinal transit .

Consume them in moderation!

The cold cuts

Deli meats contain saturated fat , salt , and lots of calories .

Too fatty, it is not easy to digest and spends more time in the intestine.

Too salty, it accentuates water retention and makes your stomach swell.

Prepared meals

Ready-to-eat meals are high in salt and are therefore very difficult to digest , as they cause water retention.

It is therefore preferable to avoid consuming it .

In addition, they are often very rich in glutamate , a component allowing to revive the taste of food which makes you want to eat even more!

Airy dishes

Top 10 foods that make your stomach bloat

Soufflés, omelettes, meringues… These airy foods make your stomach swell.

Why ? Because they are full of air !

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