How to keep your new year’s resolutions

How to keep your new year's resolutions
The new year means a new beginning for many of us! The opportunity to make good resolutions, but not just any resolutions and not just anyhow so that they can last over time…

Why is making good resolutions good for your health?

Making good resolutions means “sweeping in front of your door” , taking stock and looking to the future in a positive way. Just saying to yourself “This year, I’m making good resolutions” is proof of dynamism and optimism, which is good for morale… and therefore for your health.

Good resolutions testify to the individual’s vitality and ability to want to change and improve, which is a good start…

Set specific goals and priorities

Make good resolutions, yes, but not where to start, there are so many…

The first thing to do to see more clearly is to take stock of your life and the year that has just passed: what made you happy or unhappy , what annoyed or saddened you on several occasions, what made you feel good? Does the memory of a massage you were offered for your birthday come to you immediately? In this case, the right resolution might be to take better care of yourself?

This introspection will allow you to define what is really important to you and what your priorities are, which will guide you in choosing your good resolutions.

Relive your childhood

Going back to childhood can also be a good way to get to know yourself better and better understand your needs (or desires) because natural inclinations emerge spontaneously during this period.

As a child, were you more of a creative person oriented towards manual activities, a hyperactive person in search of sensations and sporting challenges, a dreamer who always had your nose in books?

This exercise will allow you to know what you really need to be well and to define your good resolutions accordingly: read more, take painting lessons, enroll in a gym…

Write them down

Writing down good resolutions is proof of commitment . The implication is much stronger than saying them in your head. If the paper “proof” exists, it will indeed be much more difficult to recant…

Take a sheet and divide it into 4 columns  : in the 1st column , write the objective you want to achieve, in the 2nd choose a simple action that allows you to achieve this objective. In the 3rd column , complete the sentence “if… then” . For example, “if I am offered a slice of cake, then I politely decline”; “if we insist, then I won’t change my mind”. In the 4th column , write your “results” each time you will be confronted with the situation.

Talk about

How to keep good resolutions?Talking about your good resolutions has the same effect as writing them down: the commitment is more marked . We must be “accountable  “, which only strengthens the will!

Thus, if you meet a friend to whom you had announced that you would quit smoking on January 1, he will not fail to ask you where you are in this process. Telling him that you haven’t touched a cigarette since will be extremely rewarding and will send a positive image back to him as well as to yourself.

Aim for the moon…or not!

How to keep good resolutions?Oscar Wilde said: “You must always aim for the moon, because even in case of failure, you land in the stars” .

A goal by definition aims for an ideal , so it is difficult to achieve. The higher the goal, the more stimulating it is supposed to be… But this is not the case for everyone: it all really depends on each person’s personality.

While some individuals will need a challenge goal , such as losing weight quickly, others will be discouraged at trying too hard (stopping all sweets and fats at once) but they will achieve their goal just as well over time by proceeding step by step (eating a balanced diet, allowing yourself a little pleasure from time to time, etc.). Everyone has their own pace!

Get to know each other well

How to keep good resolutions?To keep your resolutions, you must first of all know yourself well !

Some former smokers, having quit smoking overnight, would not have succeeded if he had stopped gradually, while others, setting intermediate steps to reach the final goal of quitting smoking, succeed. more easily than if they had decided to stop suddenly. A work of reflection and introspection is necessary to take to make resolutions that last over time. They must reflect both a real need or desire and correspond, in their implementation, to the individual’s temperament.

The question is therefore less to make good resolutions than to know who we really are and from there, how to keep them…

To want is to can

How to keep good resolutions?If the resolutions taken correspond more to a social compliance than to a personal decision , they will have less chance of being kept… Thus, taking the resolution to see more of your friends, because it is in good taste , will have little chances of succeeding if you are a great loner at the base…

From the moment on the other hand where the resolution translates a deep need and coherent with its convictions, the will will have more chances to be with go. To really want is to be able…

Break the routine

How to keep good resolutions?Making good resolutions means changing your habits and your automatisms . If the goal is to get back in shape, the logic is often to enroll in a gym. The approach is good, but the surrounding context must also be adjusted  : cycling to work, walking to the bakery, etc. Ditto for the smoker: exit the little black after eating that calls for the cigarette, it is better to opt for a tea…

All these small overall changes will contribute to achieving a specific objective . Upsetting your habits, adopting other paths, is to put the odds on your side to keep your good resolutions and live better!

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