What foods to choose in case of hypothyroidism?


Hypothyroidism is quite often associated with slight weight gain since the hormones produced by the thyroid gland are major players in metabolism. It is therefore important to know which foods to favor and which ones to avoid when suffering from this disorder.

The diet of a person suffering from hypothyroidism must be as balanced as possible and have a low energy density in order to limit the weight gain associated with this pathology, as long as the gland is not regularized. Low energy density foods include fruits and vegetables, whole grains such as brown rice, oatmeal, quinoa, milk and yogurt, and lean poultry and fish. It is also necessary to ensure an adequate supply of nium and oid needs its three nutrients to produce thyroid hormones. Brazil nuts are an excellent source of selenium, oysters, liver and meats excellent sources of zinc and seafood an excellent source of iodine. Note also that deficiencies in its nutrients are rare in industrialized countries. As well,

What foods to choose in case of hypothyroidism?It is best to avoid eating very salty foods as they may interfere with the synthesis of thyroid hormones. So-called “goitrogenic” foods such as crucifers (watercress, cabbage, broccoli, turnip, rutabaga, radish, mustard greens, horseradish), pine nuts, millet, cassava and groundnuts can interfere with the use of iodine from the thyroid gland. On the other hand, cruciferous being all the same good for health, it is not recommended to remove them completely from your diet, only to lightly cook them in order to reduce the activity of goitrogenic molecules…(Read more : Drug interactions)

What foods to choose in case of hypothyroidism?The most prescribed synthetic hormone against hypothyroidism is thyroxine (T4) in the form of levothyroxine sodium in tablet form (Levothyroid® or Synthroid®). Most people will need to take it daily throughout their lives. This medicine corrects the symptoms of hypothyroidism in adults within a few weeks. To ensure its effectiveness, do not take it at the same time as milk, soy beverage (soy) or a dietary supplement (calcium, iron, magnesium or zinc).

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