Foods that help strengthen brittle nails, what are they?

Foods that help strengthen brittle nails

Brittle nails are a nuisance that may be reflecting some affectations or diseases.

It is normal that after applying various products to the nails, subjecting them to aesthetic procedures with files and others, or even neglecting them for a while, they can become somewhat brittle , which not only gives a bad appearance, but also may reflect some affectation or disease in the body that causes such a situation.

In this sense, it is important to know in what ways it is possible to repair this problem before it progresses or even brings others with it, for which the first thing to do is go to a dermatologist or a podiatrist in the case of feet, so that he professionally determines the state of the nails and the needs they present, in order to take the necessary measures.

Many people sometimes prefer to start using clear-based nail polishes that promise to help strengthen the nail effectively and safely, however, this can also be achieved by consuming some foods that naturally contribute to repairing excessive nail breakage. nails, helping them grow healthier and stronger.

Foods that can be eaten to strengthen nails

Many times the lack of some food or vitamin is the reason for the problem that puts the nails in poor condition, so it is important to review the diet that is being implemented and add some foods that can help the nails stop suffering. the consequences.


The egg is famous for being constantly used in hair masks, in fact, but its benefits go further, since consuming it constantly can help combat brittle nails given its high protein content, which is essential for healthy skin growth and maintenance of cells, likewise, its base biotin content to form keratin, is the best ally to repair this part of the body.

Sunflower seeds

Although these seeds are not as well known among the remedies that are commonly used, they are actually also a very good option for strengthening nails thanks to their high content of vitamin A, which gives it antioxidant properties, which helps to protect the body against free radicals.


Its potassium , manganese , biotin, vitamin C, A and E content makes the dish a great ally in this recovery process, since apart from helping them recover their hardness, it also provides a shine that makes them look much better than before . , making it one of the favorites for those who are looking for good alternatives.

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