Tips for preparing food as a novice

Tips for preparing food as a novice

Many times we do not have time to eat because of the hectic life that we lead, ending up resorting to how much unhealthy food there is on the street, forgetting the food from your home . Clearly this type of disorderly habits prevent us from leading a nutritionally correct life and generate expenses that are felt considerably at the end of the month.

The ideal thing to have adequate meals is to create menus and if you are a beginner , these types of tools fit like a glove. Today we will explain how you can prepare your meals in advance and if you are a novice, we guarantee that you will become an expert in food preparation.

Why is it a good idea to prepare meals ahead of time?

Preparing your meals in advance will make your life easier, because if you are in any type of nutritional challenge , planning will make it easier for you to select what you are going to eat. This type of planning also teaches you how to eat healthier and make the most of what you have in the fridge.

Don’t worry, because with this type of planning you don’t have to spend a whole Sunday cooking. In reality , choosing an hour when you are unoccupied will suffice and there will be plenty . By preparing your meals in advance, you gain the opportunity to rediscover what you like and add new things to your palate.

How to prepare your daily food?

prepared food

One of the most common and fastest ways is to build your menu from what you already have prepared, in short, take the leftovers of the day. Everything that you can refrigerate and heat will be very useful and more if it is a dinner.


You can also take a recipe , cook it in large batches, and portion out the food for yourself to eat over days and even weeks.

individual portions

In case you want a quick lunch, then you can resort to preparing fresh meals and dividing everything into portions to have refrigerated and microwaved.

ready ingredients

Another of the techniques that we leave you here is to prepare all the ingredients required to cook specific meals in advance.

How to plan the number of meals?

The amount of food you consume depends on the lifestyle you lead and the caloric expenditure you have. For example, a normal person does not consume the same as a high-performance athlete. Here planning plays a primary role and first focus on the method of preparing meals and adapting them to your lifestyle.

In your calendar check the number of dinners, breakfasts and lunches to organize yourself. You should also be honest about the use you give your time and if you are not very good in the kitchen, resort to simple recipes for the time being.

Reduce cooking time for each food

Make a schedule to cook and do the market, so you don’t have to stay up late or cancel important commitments. You always have a long-lasting recipe so that while this one is preparing you can work on the other one. Shopping lists are your allies, because they help you remember everything you are going to buy and prevent you from taking home something that does not suit your desire to change.

Containers and temperature

The containers that you should use to store food are those that are suitable for microwaves without BPA , those that withstand high temperatures, airtight and do not leak. Regarding the temperature, when you store your food, your fridge should be at 5 degrees Celsius.

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