Where to buy extra virgin olive oil?

Where to buy extra virgin olive oil

Olive oil is sold everywhere, but quality extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) is not always available . That is why we often wonder where it is possible to get the product almost fresh from the factory and that meets all the characteristics of this food.

Why be so specific when looking for it and have a header trade to buy? Experts point out that few places know how to market it safely and that there are varieties of olives and therefore varieties of oil. For this reason we can find more aromatic species, more spicy, with almond touches and even with pieces of olives.

Where to buy extra virgin olive oil (EVOO)

Olive oil should be purchased from sites specializing in this type of product , as they offer high-quality oil. Here you can always find all varieties, denominations and from different countries.

However, when it comes to Spain, the formats offered for these oils are almost always small . If you’re going to use these in the kitchen, you may have to buy multiple bottles because they run out really fast. The price is also not pleasant , since it is high and often exceeds by 50% those offered in supermarkets.

Where you should not buy olive oil

Surely when buying olive oil your first option is to go to a supermarket, however, it is not always the most suitable alternative. To begin with, most of the oils sold there are “justitos”.

In fact, olive oil is almost always discounted as bait so that consumers cannot miss out on the opportunity. For this they ask the producers to reduce the price to the maximum and for the latter not to lose profits, they make an oil with the minimum standards just to comply with the health statutes.

We also do not recommend going to national chains because they almost never give the ideal conservation. Remember that EVOO is delicate and should not be exposed to constant light, otherwise it will quickly oxidize and lose its properties.

What about industrial or cooperative oil mills?

If you have a restaurant or you simply use olive oil a lot at home, you can go to the industrial or cooperative factories. Generally, they are sold at least 5 liters and their quality far exceeds what you can get in well-known supermarkets.

The price does not go down either, but they do not reach the level of the amounts that can be found in specialized stores. The most important thing is that the quality is second to none and therefore the olive oil purchased here has all its properties intact.

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