How to store red caviar

How to store red caviar

It is best to eat the caviar within a couple of hours after opening. In extreme cases, the caviar can be frozen – if it is carefully and not tightly placed in a solid container, even when defrosting, the caviar will have an excellent look and taste.

General rules for storing caviar

Red caviar spoils quickly. Store it in the refrigerator, less often in the freezer.

After opening the package, the red caviar packaged in cans should be transferred with a clean spoon into a glass or porcelain container. Before this, the dishes are scalded with salted boiling water. Caviar is consumed in 3-4 days. You cannot store a delicacy in an open tin can!

Caviar purchased in bulk is stored in sterilized glass or plastic containers. The product does not fit tightly, it is covered with an oiled sheet of paper on top. So the caviar is stored for about a week, in the area of ​​the back wall of the refrigerator.

How to store caviar bought in bulk?

Caviar is often bought from hand – there are many offers on the markets during the New Year’s season, competition is great, and therefore prices are lower than for cans of caviar in stores. But you definitely need to find out about the production date of caviar in order to roughly understand the terms of its subsequent storage. Caviar in bulk is sold, as a rule, in plastic – store the caviar in this jar, but pour it on top with vegetable oil so that it does not dry out.

How do you know if the caviar is real?

To check the caviar, just put a teaspoon of eggs in a plate and pour boiling water over it. If protein is released and the water becomes cloudy, then the caviar is real. And if not, then it is a fake.

How to understand that red caviar is spoiled?

Dried eggs are the first sign that caviar should be eaten as soon as possible. And the fact that the term for the use of red caviar has definitely expired will be indicated by a sharp unpleasant smell and a bitter taste.

How to extend the shelf life of caviar

Red caviar can be frozen. The delicacy is portioned not tightly laid out in several containers, securely closed and placed in the freezer. Defrost first in the refrigerator, and only then in a room environment.

There is also a method close to conservation. Glass jars are sterilized or scalded with boiling water, well lubricated from the inside with vegetable oil. Put the caviar tightly, pour oil on top of it, cover it with a lid and put it in the refrigerator – this way the caviar can be stored for up to a week.

If you sprinkle the caviar with salt, the caviar will stand in the refrigerator for up to six months.

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