The role of ginger in the housewife’s kitchen

The role of ginger in the housewife's kitchen

There are indispensable spices in the housewife’s kitchen. They are simply not only a spice that creates the attractiveness of the dish, but also a good assistant in some tasks. And ginger is such a useful spice.

Eliminate the smell of meat

Many types of meat can lose their odor thanks to ginger.

Meats such as beef, duck, goat, rabbit, etc. often have a bad smell and affect the taste of the dish. Therefore, for home cooks, the first thing is to solve the problem of deodorizing these meats.

The most popular and effective way that housewives still use is to use fresh ginger or freshly roasted ginger. For meat that has been frozen, ginger also helps the meat to have a bright red color again. Usually, people deodorize meat right from the preliminary stage by using crushed ginger to rub on the meat. This will help the meat lose its odor so that the meat can be used for different purposes. For dishes that match the taste of ginger, home cooks also add sliced ​​or sliced ​​ginger directly to the dish to enhance the aroma. For example, duck porridge, ginger braised meat…

In addition, people also use crushed ginger to rub on fish fillets to lose its characteristic fishy smell.

Make the knife sharper

When the knife is dull (flood), people use some fresh ginger mixed with sesame oil and rub it on the blade. It will have the effect of making the knife shinier and sharper to easily cut hard dry foods.

Fry fish without sticking to the pan

Fried fish does not burn thanks to rubbing the layer of ginger on the pan surface.

Nowadays, you can use a non-stick pan to fry fish without fear of sticking fish. However, after a short time of use, the pan easily peels off the non-stick coating and causes many harmful effects to health because of the chemicals in it. If you want to return to the traditional pan frying method, use fresh ginger to rub the surface of the pan when the pan is heated. After a while, you add oil and fry the fish as usual. The reason this way the pan does not stick is because the ginger and oil prevent a slippery film so that the fish skin does not contact the pan. Therefore, the fish cannot stick to the pan while frying.

Keep ginger fresh for a long time

Ginger can stay fresh for a long time at room temperature without refrigeration.

With its many benefits, ginger is worth your care to keep it fresh for a long time, right? Here are the ways to preserve fresh ginger that you need to know.

– Under normal temperature: Ginger can stay fresh for a long time at room temperature without refrigeration.

– Refrigerate: If you want to use the refrigerator to store crushed fresh ginger, add a little salt, sugar, and lemon juice. Mix everything well and place in an airtight glass or crockery jar before storing it in the refrigerator. This part can be stored for up to 6 months.

– Wrap in foil: This method requires you to keep the ginger completely dry before wrapping it in foil.

– Bury ginger in the sand: This traditional method helps the ginger stay fresh for a long time and not dry out.

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