A good way to help babies stop leaning and twisting while sleeping

babies stop leaning and twisting while sleeping

If the child often twists, stretches, and blushes when sleeping, don’t be subjective. Because this action lasts for a long time, the baby is prone to spitting, growth retardation, insomnia, affecting the development of the child.

1. Why does the baby twist and stretch when he sleeps?

Children stretching, twisting their bodies for a long time affects the health of children

Explaining this, folk believe that children twisting and stretching when sleeping indicates that children are developing and growing up quickly. Others explain that the reason babies twist their bodies is that they are not used to the outside environment because when they are in the womb, the uterus is too small and hugs the baby so “tight” that the baby can’t move much in the environment. last weeks of pregnancy. Therefore, when going out, children are not used to large spaces, so they often squirm, wave their arms and dance their feet in the first month after birth.

Another explanation is also whispered by many sisters because the mother has not cleaned the hair behind the child’s back. This undercoat is the cause of the baby’s itching and discomfort.

However, according to doctors, the fact that the child often leans over, twists while sleeping can be a sign that the child is deficient in calcium, especially for babies. 

The reason is that in the first month of life, the baby’s need for calcium is very high for development, but after leaving the womb, the amount of calcium is suddenly reduced, causing the child to be deficient, leading to the phenomenon of stretching, twisting, and straining. blushing, crying and waking up in the middle of the night…

2. Overcoming the situation of stretching and twisting in children

Stretching, twisting in infants or crying until the face is pale for a long time will severely affect the mental and physical development of the child later on. Not to mention, some children may have deformed limbs, delayed teething, hair loss or more dangerously can die from laryngospasm due to calcium deficiency. Therefore, to completely overcome this phenomenon, mothers need to provide adequate calcium for children by:

– Regularly let children sunbathe in the early morning to absorb vitamin D. Vitamin D plays an extremely important role in calcium metabolism, making it easier for children to absorb calcium. In fact, many Vietnamese mothers still raise their children according to the old concept of abstinence such as avoiding the sun and the wind when the children are still in the month. This excessive abstinence greatly affects the absorption of calcium in young children, leading to children in the month having the phenomenon of twisting, leaning, crying red eyes, purple because of calcium deficiency.

Sunbathing is very good for children

+ Time to sunbathe from 10-15 minutes. Mothers need to take off some children’s clothes to bathe, take them off slowly, don’t take them off all at once so that the child’s body is not used to being exposed to the sun. After sunbathing, it is necessary to take a soft towel to wipe away the sweat and let the child sit in a cool place, wearing loose cotton clothes.

+ Can sunbathe continuously like that until the child is older.

The source of calcium at this time is provided by breast milk, so mothers need to eat well, increase calcium-rich foods such as salmon, tuna, mackerel and drink more calcium-fortified foods. In addition, mothers also need to sunbathe for the body to absorb calcium better.

Doctors also advise that postpartum mothers should not abstain as much as eating dry roasted lean meat with fish sauce, salt, ginger, turmeric, eating ordinary boiled vegetables… Should change the food to a variety and full. nutrition, so that the baby can be healthy when suckling milk from the mother.

– If the state of stretching, twisting lasts for a long time, the child has difficulty sleeping, or spits up, poor appetite, the mother needs to take the child to see a doctor to know the extent of the child’s calcium deficiency. The doctor can prescribe vitamin D supplements for children, helping them to absorb calcium better than sunbathing and drinking regular milk. In addition, mothers absolutely should not give their children vitamin D without the guidance of a doctor.

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