14 wrong cooking habits housewives often make

14 wrong cooking habits housewives often make

You still cook according to your daily routine. Until one day, someone shows you, those habits can be harmful to the health of loved ones. What are these mistakes?

1. Sausage fried

Eating fried sausage is prone to cancer.

Cold foods such as bacon, ham or sausage all contain ammonium nitrate. This substance when in contact with grease at high temperatures will create a substance that causes cancer.

2. Add vinegar when sautéing vegetables

Many people like to add a little vinegar to stir-fries to create a strange taste. However, vinegar contains acids. It will quickly act and make the chlorophyll in green vegetables turn yellow. The food at this time is not only not delicious but also not nutritious.

3.Put on high heat when frying the fat

High temperatures can cause pork fat to release an unpleasant odor and at the same time make the fat become a culprit for damage to the digestive system and the organs it passes through such as the trachea and esophagus. Therefore, when frying the fat, only medium heat should be used.

4. Let the pan get too hot before sautéing the vegetables

With stir-fried vegetables, if you let the pan get too hot to the point where the smoke rises, it will cause inflammation, stomach pain or a lot of heartburn.

5. Season with salt early when sautéing vegetables

Salt should not be added early when sautéing vegetables.

Salt will increase the temperature of the pan and make the vegetables more watery. Thus, the vegetables will quickly shrivel during processing and the finished dish will lose its taste, and the nutrition will also decrease.

6. Heat the olive oil until it smokes

The molecular structure of olive oil will be broken if heated until hot. And instead of providing health benefits, it becomes harmful. Therefore, it is recommended to use “live” olive oil with salad dressings, or add to cooked soups, watering freshly cooked food to ensure nutrition.

7. Stir-fry garlic immediately after peeling or smashing

It takes up to 10 minutes of “rest” for the enzyme allicin in garlic to secrete to help you avoid the risk of cardiovascular disease. Therefore, give the garlic time to rest before you want to use it to prepare food.

8. Frying food too thoroughly

When cooking oil is heated, the chemical composition changes. Important fatty acids will be oxidized, antioxidants are destroyed and form harmful free radicals, trans fatty acids, the cause of coronary heart disease. At the same time, it also turns the protein contained in the material into acrolein, a substance that causes cancer.

In addition, frying also makes food absorb oil and creates an excess of energy and fat that affects the body’s health.

9. Boil and fry broccoli

If you want to keep and increase the anti-cancer nutrients in broccoli, you should use the steaming method. Boiling and frying will cause a significant loss of this valuable source of nutrients. On the other hand, you can cook soup with broccoli but don’t cook the usual bland taste but add spicy spices like chili to further promote the effects of the nutrients it brings.

10. Boiling eggs for too long

When the egg is boiled too hard, boiling for a long time, you will see a green ash coating around the egg. At this point, the nutrition in the egg has decreased and is replaced by a substance that interferes with the ability to absorb nutrients.

11. Boil carrots

As for carrots, nutritionists recommend eating them raw to ensure the best possible nutritional absorption. Therefore, the way that many people think that carrots are difficult to ripen need to be put in before other ingredients and stewed until fully cooked is completely wrong. This way the nutrients in carrots easily dissolve and completely evaporate.

12. “Say no” to yellow mustard

Mustard has incredible health benefits.

Mustard is used a lot in fresh seafood dishes. The most commonly used variety is green mustard. However, yellow mustard can become a health savior because it increases the body’s anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer capabilities. Therefore, do not think that the lower the price of yellow mustard, the lower the quality. Yellow mustard contains a compound called curcumin, which has the same effect as the active ingredient in fresh turmeric to give the mustard its yellow color and bring unexpected health benefits.

13. Use aluminum utensils to beat eggs

When in contact with aluminum, the egg white will turn ash white and the yolk will turn blue. Therefore, it is best to beat eggs with a pair of wooden chopsticks and in a porcelain bowl.

14. Marinate ready-to-drink sauce into ingredients

Packaged ready-to-drink spices used a lot in today’s cooking habits not only lose the rich flavor of the dish but also have many potential risks of harm.

Many types also contain too much sugar, salt, thickeners, colorants, preservatives, and artificial flavors that are very harmful to health if used for a long time. Therefore, take some time to prepare spices such as garlic, onion, lemongrass, lemon peel, ginger … to bring yourself a delicious dish, meeting safety standards.

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