Boiling corn only for water is wrong

Boiling corn only for water is wrong

Boiling corn only for water is wrong, adding these 2 spices ensures that the corn kernels are extremely sweet, everyone loves it.

Corn is a food that contains many nutrients that are good for the body, besides corn can be used to process many different dishes. And the most popular dish is probably still boiled corn because the processing process is simple but still retains its pure flavor. However, not everyone knows how to boil delicious corn.

The chefs have pointed out that the reason why the corns are not delicious is that the housewives did not add salt and baking soda to the pot when boiling. It sounds strange, but here are 2 spices that make the corns more delicious.

First, to have delicious boiled corn, we need to choose fresh, young and freshly broken corn to boil, but also should not choose too young corn because it will be low in starch. As for old corn, when boiled, it will be hard, awkward, and not delicious.

Step 1:

Before boiling corn, we need to peel off the outer layer of corn, leave only about 2 to 3 thin skins and then wash. Do not peel off all the skins because this way the corn will not be fragrant and will not retain the sweetness of the corn.

Step 2:

Put the corn in the pot, pour cold water about ⅔ of the corn in the pot, then cover the pot, wait until the water boils, then add salt and baking soda.

Seasoned chefs say that salt has the effect of purifying corn, making it taste sweeter and sweeter, and baking soda will help prevent the corn from losing too much water when boiled. The combination of salt and baking soda will make the corn sweeter and softer.

Step 3:

After the water has boiled, turn the heat to medium and cook until the corn is cooked, then turn off the heat. When the corn is ripe, it should be taken out immediately because if the corn is left in the pot for too long, the nutrients of the corn will be easily lost and the moisture will dilute the aroma of the corn, the corn will no longer be sweet and soft.

So just add a little salt, a little baking soda, and the boiled corn is sweeter and softer.

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