Koçak Baklava Price List 2021

Koçak Baklava Price

Koçak Baklava: Famous Baklava Paradise in Antep

Koçak Baklava is the best-known dessert company of Gaziantep, which is famous for its baklava. Even people who don’t like baklava can be amazed by their delicious and wide variety of baklava. What makes it different from other baklava shops is that they do not use glucose syrup in their desserts. In this respect, it deserves full marks by true sweet lovers.

Koçak Baklava is the capital of baklava, one of the flavors integrated with Gaziantep. It is even said that those who are fond of dessert culture especially go to Gaziantep and return to their city after eating dessert at Koçak Baklava.

Koçak Baklava, which offers you dozens of baklava options in its quality and decent place, prepares all the flavors you are looking for, from carrot slices to dry baklava. Here is the Koçak Baklava 2021 price list!


You may want to see these sweets, which double their taste with specially produced pistachios, on-site. Therefore, they will be waiting for you at the Gaziantep branch. When you go to Koçak Baklava, you can have a gourmet plate prepared by buying a slice of every kind. You can also buy it as a package to serve to your loved ones!

Aiming to deliver baklavas to every corner of Turkey, Koçak Baklava also offers cargo so that you don’t miss out on this flavor. Koçak Baklava shipping fee is determined as 10 TL. Your products are delivered to your door in the best way possible. It is up to you to contact a sweet company that considers every single detail. Before you go and order, you can contact us to learn the most up-to-date prices.

Koçak Baklava Price List 2021

For those who are curious about the Koçak Baklava price list, we have compiled the prices of all desserts in this list! When you want to prepare a special baklava plate for one person, you may have to pay an average of 150-180 TL . When you go to Gaziantep, you should definitely taste these delicacies. Here are the delicious baklava options and kilogram prices of Koçak Baklava :

  • Baklava: 125 TL
  • Dry Baklava: 125 TL
  • Pistachio Cookies: 150 TL
  • Peanut Butter: 190 TL
  • Square Crush: 170 TL
  • Nightingale’s Nest: 180 TL
  • Carrot Slice: 140 TL
  • Special Square Baklava: 150 TL
  • Burma Kadayif: 150 TL
  • Special Mixed: 176 TL
  • Mixed: 170 TL
  • Şöbiyet: 150 TL
  • Special Şöbiyet: 170 TL
  • Leaf Şöbiyet: 190 TL
  • Roll: 190 TL
  • Mussel Baklava: 180 TL
  • Walnut Baklava: 100 TL
  • Plain Cookies: 100 TL
  • Lightly Roasted Pistachio 1 Kg: 110 TL

5 Delicious Baklava Recipes in Koçak Baklava Flavor

Baklava has a very valuable place in Turkish food culture. It has even caused controversy among countries. What country is baklava from? How is it done? Sensitive questions like this made this dessert heard even more. While researches and discussions on baklava continue, we wanted to suggest to you 5 delicious baklava recipes. You can eat dessert and talk sweetly with baklavas that you can easily prepare at home 🙂

1) The Most Delicious Easy Home Baklava Recipe

If you want to roll the baklava dough yourself and have your handiwork in every detail, we have come to you with a crispy recipe. Everyone who tries the easy homemade baklava recipe grows their baklava for tea time. It also explains what to do step by step. All you have to do is click on this recipe and prepare the ingredients! Easy for those who try!

2) Şöbiyet Dessert from Baklava Dough For Those Who Love Şöbiyet

Şöbiyet is one of the popular baklavas with its special cream among yufka. In this recipe, a delicious mixture was used instead of cream. Moreover, you will never get tired while preparing the Şöbiyet dessert. Because it is prepared with ready-made phyllo dough. You can check out the recipe for all the tricks and the construction phase. 

3) Practical Shrinkage Baklava – Newspaper Baklava

The puckered baklava dessert, which you can easily shape with your hands by following the illustrated steps, is delicious to be eaten with a smash. You can examine our recipe and get information about the making process to try the crispy and delicious wrap dessert whenever you want. 

4) Solutions That Make a Difference: Easy Baklava Without Rolling Pin!

How much trouble do we go to while making those delicious homemade crispy baklavas, which are indispensable for holiday treats, right? Here is the miraculous recipe that closed that era, baklava without a rolling pin! The easiest baklava, which can be opened 8 times at once, will make your work easier this holiday! 

5) Nightingale’s Nest Dessert That Eats Bite Bite

Nightingale’s nest is one of the easiest desserts to make. It is a taste worthy of guests, tea times, and special invitations. It takes an average of 1 hour to prepare for service. If the fuss in the kitchen is over, you can start to prepare the nightingale’s nest. Just click to try it!

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