Nigella Seeds: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits

Black seed oil
Black seed oil

Nigella seeds is miracle seed, also named as Kalonji seeds, black seeds, black cumin and black caraway. Nigella belongs from a spice family and used in different cuisine all over the world as it gives an amazing aroma and flavor to foods. Its taste not only enhances the food’s flavor but also makes it appealing to our taste buds. Nigella have a bitter taste with pungent smell but when added in food increases the taste. It is full of various elements including amino acids, proteins, crystalline nigellone, fiber, saponin and fatty acids including oleic and linolenic acids, alkaloids, volatile oils, iron, potassium, sodium and calcium. It has different medical properties with health benefits that help in curing different diseases including diarrhea, diabetes, constipation, skin problems, heart problems, body pains, bronchitis and blood pressure issues. Different researches on Nigella showed that it helps in preventing cancer. Nigella oil is also useful which has tremendous effects that makes; hair strong, healthy heart, functional liver and helps in treating “rheumatism” by lubricating our joints. There is a famous saying regarding Nigella that, Nigella cures every disease except death.

Nigella is the safest, cheapest and effective remedy in treating different disease. There are different health benefits of kalonji which are discussed below;

  • Helps in boosting memory

Nigella seeds help in improving memory and preventing different neurological disorders especially “dementia”. Elder people face problems related to inability of cognitive functions and memory loss these problems can be overcome by using kalonji seeds or oil.

  • Helps in preventing diabetes

The high blood sugar or diabetes is increasing rapidly globally. High blood sugar causes different harmful effects on body including symptoms; weight loss, increased thirst or urination, fatigue and difficulty in focusing. Nigella or kalonji seeds are very effective when used as a medicine for diabetic patients. It helps to make the blood sugar level stable and cure it naturally. It helps maintaining blood sugar levels that prevents dangerous health conditions and side effects on body.

  • Keep heart healthy

Heart is the fundamental part of human body. So it is essential to maintain the good heart health. Bad heart conditions may causes different heart diseases and possibility of heart attacks which may be occurs due to high cholesterol in blood. Nigella helps in lowering cholesterol in blood and improving heart health.

  • Cure body pain

In today’s world joint pains, body pains, headaches etc are every common. There are different natural remedies’ used worldwide to treat pains and avoid medicines. One of the best natural remedy to cure pain is to use Nigella. Nigella gives relive to pain and headaches, without any side-effects on body. One suffering from headache or joint pains may apply oil of Nigella seeds.

  • Helps to cure blood pressure

Hypertension (high blood pressure) affects different organs of the body. To maintain the balance people use different pills or medicines. These pills maintain the pressure level and cholesterol but affect other body organs badly. Consuming Nigella is the best natural remedy to control blood pressure and cholesterol level in body.

  • Helps to boost immune system

Different bacterial and viral infections attacks body when the immune system of the body is weak. For strengthening the body’s immune system, Nigella is a good booster. It protects the body from attack of different viral and bacterial infections. The mixture of Nigella and honey helps in strengthening body organs and bones.

  • Helps in weight loss

Awareness regarding healthy life style, healthy eating and fitness is increasing day by days. People are more concerned or conscious about their weight and follow different diet plans, exercises and home remedies for weight loss or weight control. Nigella helps in fighting obesity and maintaining healthy weight by regulating the functions of body organs. We can consume Nigella seeds with warm water for maintaining or reducing weight.

  • Helps in treating skin problems

Nigella helps in treating different skin conditions, leaving a healthy and glowing skin. Nigella helps in treating scars, pimples, acne, blemishes etc.

To Sum Up….

Nigella can be consumed by taking seeds or seeds oil with water, milk or tea. Mostly it can be consumed with empty stomach so to get effective results and to maintain average sugar level in body. It helps in treating different skin problems.


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