The Art of Cooking Steak: How to Cook Steak? Tips

How to Cook Steak

Meat, which is the most important protein source of healthy nutrition programs, is a food that should be consumed carefully due to its high fat content. Meat with a high amount of unsaturated fat should be consumed stripped of its fat.

In order not to lose its protein, vitamin and mineral value, it is not fried; It is recommended to boil, steam, bake in the oven or in its own oil. Meat, which plays an important role in the healthy functioning of the cardiovascular system and especially in the fulfillment of the functions of the nervous system, also helps to maintain blood health.

Where Is the Steak Pet?

Steak is made from the meat in the upper part of the knee joint of the animal. The lower part of the knee joint is called the shin. Steak meat, which is free of nerves and fatty tissue, is considered the most valuable meat, and therefore steak is somewhat high in price.

It is the meat located in the thigh region of the animal and the lower part of the kidney. The steak area, which contains muscle groups that move less, is cooked in a short time because it has a soft structure. Tenderloin, beef cutlet, ribeye, beef fillet, T-bone, porter house, breast and shovel are among the most well-known types of steak.

So, steak or tenderloin? Tenderloin is a type of steak. The tenderloin, which is extracted from the area on the back of the veal, is the softest part of the calf. For those who prefer to eat lean meat, the most suitable choice is tenderloin.

Steak Calories, Protein and Nutritional Value

Steak with low fat content is a low calorie food. 100 grams of cooked beef steak contains about 150 calories. The protein amount of 100 grams of cooked steak is about 30 grams. Steak, which is a food rich in B12, vitamin A, zinc, iron, sodium, potassium and calcium, is a food recommended to be consumed by children in the growth and development period due to its high nutritional value.

How Is Steak Seasoned?

In order to increase the flavor of the steak and make it softer and make it easier to cook, the process of keeping the meat preferably in high-acid materials is defined as the seasoning or marinating of the meat.

In addition to vinegar, wine or lemon juice, spices and oils are often used to marinate steaks. Steaks are placed in the prepared steak sauce and kept in the refrigerator between 2 hours and 24 hours. Steaks with sauce removed from the refrigerator are transferred to another container to allow the sauce to flow, and the cooking process is carried out after they come to room temperature.

How to Cook Steak? 6 Tips for Cooking Steaks

  1. To cook a good steak, the steak must be cut thickly and not battered. It is recommended to be made using young veal and to be undercooked.
  2. Before cooking the steak, the meat must be brought to room temperature and salt must be added.
  3. The spices used for the marination process should be added to the light oil in the pan and fried lightly before the steak. Otherwise, the sauce of the meat may burn and make the taste bitter.
  4. The pan or grill should be quite hot and the steak sealer should be done. This is the process of frying the meat on both sides until it changes color, without covering and moving it. Thus, the juices of the meat that give flavor to the meat are trapped inside.
  5. After the sealing process is done, the steak is rested for 10 minutes at room temperature. At this stage, no seasoning, salt or any sauce should be added to the steak. Otherwise, there will be a loss of flavor.
  6. Rested steak; It is taken to the preheated oven, pan or grill and cooked at medium heat.

What goes with a steak?

In order to better use the iron in its content, broccoli, carrots, boiled potatoes or a seasonal salad with plenty of lemon can be made next to the steak, which is recommended to be consumed with foods containing vitamin C.

Bulgur or rice pilaf, one of the indispensable dishes of Turkish culture, goes perfectly with steak. Especially children’s favorites can be mashed potatoes or french fries. Baked corn with garlic and butter or pasta with tomato sauce are also special flavors that go with the steak.

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