Gardenia Flower Care, Meaning, Reproduction

Gardenia Flower Care, Meaning, Reproduction

If you want to create a beautiful view by growing flowers in your home and garden, you should definitely include garden flowers in the spaces. Gardenia flower is a plant that decorates the place where it is with its elegant and stylish appearance and is taken care of by many people thanks to its easy care.

If you want to improve yourself in plant growing, let us present this article that will give you new information. In these lines, we will express those who are curious about gardenia flower care and flowers.

How to Care for Gardenia Flowers?

Gardenia care is simple that won’t bother you. It just needs regular maintenance and grows very healthily when fertile space is created. Now let’s talk about step-by-step care recommendations.

  • For those who say how to care for gardenia, let’s first remind the heat required for this plant. It grows healthily in winter at a temperature of 15 degrees. In summer, heat is sufficient to moisten the soil.
  • Since the leaves of the gardenia are sensitive, it is recommended to protect them from the wind. Strong winds damage the leaves of this flower, reducing its lifespan.
  • Gardenia, which loves the morning sun, grows better thanks to the sunlight it receives in the first light of the morning. For this reason, it is recommended to place the plant in a sunny corner.
  • Do not leave the gardenia too cold. If you live in a harsh climate, take care to grow it indoors.
  • Gardenia, which likes a humid environment, grows well in environments where the humidity in the room is 75%.
  • Soil selection is also important for gardenia. It blooms more efficiently when planted in mineral-rich soils. The leaves do not wilt.
  • It also asks you to be sensitive about watering. Gardenia, which does not like too much water, grows its leaves and flowers thanks to controlled irrigation.
  • If you live in a city with calcareous water, you can use ready-made water for irrigation. Because lime water spoils the structure of the gardenia flower.

Gardenia Flower Meaning, Story, and Characteristics

  • Gardenia is a flower that attracts attention with its scent. If you smell this flower when you wake up every morning, you will feel better and happier. According to some studies, it is known as the most fragrant flower in the world.
  • The meaning of the gardenia flower is also quite impressive. Since its flowers are always white, it is remembered as a flower representing angels.
  • It is also the representation of pure and clean emotions due to the white color. Goodwill, emotional attachment and a pure heart are one of the meanings of this flower.
  • This plant is white in color and shows its white flower among the green leaves. The white flower has a yellow detail. This yellow part in the middle is in harmony with the white leaves.
  • Gardenia growing in pots or in the garden has a very important place in both landscaping and balcony decoration.
  • Since it is a long-lived plant, it has been a guest in many homes.

How to Propagate a Gardenia Flower?

If you want to reproduce the gardenia plant and get more gardenia, we would like to inform you about the reproduction of this plant. You can do duplication very easily. For this, you can apply our step-by-step recommendations.

  • In November or March, you can take the shoots during the flower-free periods.
  • Taken shoots are germinated at 22 or 24 degrees.
  • The germinated shoot is planted in fertile soil and waited for germination.
  • In an average of 5 weeks, the shoot will root and the gardenia will grow in a new pot.
  • If you wish, you can propagate this plant in a different pot by separating it from the root.
  • Separate the thick-rooted gardenia from the soil and carefully separate the shoots from the root.
  • Plant the separated root in a medium pot and water it with a spray bottle.
  • After 4 weeks a new root gardenia will grow.

When Does Gardenia Bloom?

  • You should wait for the spring or autumn months for the beautiful white flowers of the gardenia plant to bloom.
  • If it blooms during these seasons, you should definitely take care of it carefully.
  • The well-kept gardenia plant will open its flowers as soon as possible.
  • If the plant does not bloom, you should definitely change the soil.
  • The gardenia you transplant into a pot filled with mineral-rich soil will show its flowers within a few weeks.
  • For flowering, watering, and sunbathing of the plant should not be neglected

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