9 Benefits of Kidney Beans, a Storage of Fiber and Protein

Kidney Beans

Kidney beans are a legume with pink and white skin, which is very beneficial for health and flavored with various recipes. Red kidney beans, which become a full vitamin store when combined with olive oil in hot and cold dishes, are consumed with pleasure in Turkish cuisine. Kidney beans, which started to be grown in Italy, took their place in Greek and Turkish dishes over time. This legume, also known as Borlotti beans, has recently become a favorite food with its benefits during pregnancy and development.

Right after answering the question of what is red kidney bean, we would like to give you information about the different types of kidney beans :

  • Pole
  • Antonya
  • dragon
  • Hennaed
  • house
  • Partridge is grown in different species as kidney beans.

There is a noticeable color difference between these varieties. You can see the benefits of red beans that diversify your recipes on this page. Let’s take a look at the health benefits of kidney beans together, are you ready?

Here are the unique benefits of kidney beans and delicious recipes that you can easily prepare in the kitchen!

Kidney Bean Benefits – 9 Properties You’ll Want to Consume Often

1) Balanced Blood Sugar

  • Adding kidney beans to the meals of people with diabetes is a healthy suggestion for them.
  • Kidney beans are one of the legumes that balance blood sugar and it is stated that it will add health to those who have irregularity in sugar value.

2) Delicious Pain Relief

  • Kidney beans’ ability to relieve muscle and joint pain makes this legume more popular.
  • Thanks to the vitamins it has, it relieves headaches and bone pains.

3) Powerful Antioxidant

  • Fiber and antioxidant substancesKidney beans, contain, facilitate the elimination of harmful substances in the body when consumed in meals.
  • With this feature, it is a food that attracts the attention of those who want to purify their body and plan to live healthy life.

4) Refreshes Cells

  • By consuming the kidney beans and making their maskDo you know that you can renew your skin?
  • Kidney beans provide a rapid repair of skin cells.
  • By consuming kidney beans regularly, it will be very easy to make your skin look younger.
  • The vitamins and minerals in kidney beans provide the repair of damaged tissues in a short time.

5) Full Support for the Immune System

  • Consumption of kidney beans by children of developmental age and women during pregnancy will protect the immune system.
  • When you include kidney beans in your life, your body resistance will also increase.
  • For a healthy body, you should meet kidney beans.

6) Inhibits Cancer Cells

  • We have stated that kidney beans are an antioxidant food. Now it will be necessary to unpack this definition a little more.
  • To prevent cancer, the biggest disease of today you can add kidney beans to meals prevent.
  • Kidney beans are health-friendly enough to prevent the spread and growth of cancerous cells.

7) As Nutritious As Meat

  • An alternative for those who do not eat meat is kidney beans.
  • Proteins in kidney beans meet the amount of protein the body needs.
  • Among the legumes you can choose instead of meat, kidney beans will wave at you.

8) Yummy Diets!

  • Containing fiber, antioxidants and protein, kidney beans provide all you need for a diet meal.
  • It is among the low-calorie foods and supports people who are in the process of losing weight with delicious food.

9) Plenty of Vitamins Strong Body!

  • You can also add kidney beans to your healthy diet list for a healthy and disease-free life.
  • Kidney beans, which is at the top of the list of energy-giving foods, also draws attention in sports nutrition.
  • This legume, where you can get plenty of vitamins, will be one of your energy sources!

Kidney Beans Calories and Nutritional Values

Kidney beans are food with high nutritional value. If you are wondering what minerals and vitamins are in this nutritional value, we can take a look:

100 gr kidney beans nutritional values ​​list

  • 60 grams of Carbs
  • 24.9 grams of Fiber
  • 23.6 grams of Protein
  • 0.8 grams of Fat
  • 1 iu of vitamin A
  • 4.5mg of vitamin C
  • 1406mg Potassium
  • 143mg Calcium
  • 8.2 mg of Iron

For those who eat in moderation, it will be necessary to note some figures about calories:

  • 1 tablespoon of kidney beans: 67 calories
  • 1 cup of kidney beans: 216 calories
  • 1 cup of kidney beans: 533 calories

How to Boil Kidney Beans?

  • You need to wash the kidney beans well before boiling.
  • After the washing process, the kidney beans are boiled for 10 minutes in a large pot.
  • After the first boiling water is poured, hot water is added again and cooked for another 40 minutes.
  • Changing the water will create clearer pinto meals.
  • Softened and boiled kidney beans should be rinsed with cold water after draining.
  • Thus, it is consumed more deliciously.

In How Many Minutes Does the Soaked Red Bean Cook in a Pressure Cooker?

  • It is easier to pre-soak the kidney beans just like the beans. cook.
  • It is recommended to cook the soaked kidney beans in a pressure cooker for an average of 20 minutes on low heat.
  • Kidney beans that are cooked for too long will have a chance to scatter.

How to Store Kidney Beans in the Freezer?

When the red kidney bean season comes, that is, at the end of spring, it is recommended to buy fresh kidney beans and clean them at home. When you find fresh red kidney beans, like in May, you can proceed to the cleaning process.

  • You can transfer the kidney beans that you have separated from their shells into refrigerator bags in the sizes you want after washing them.
  • up to 6 months meals can be diversified by cooking fresh kidney beans, which you can keep, in summer and winter.
  • You can also store dried kidney beans in the freezer.
  • Kidney beans, which have been waiting in the water for a few hours, can be stored in the freezer in a freezer bag after washing.
  • When you want to cook, you can take it out of the fridge and use it.

Can Kidney Beans Eat on a Diet?

Kidney beans take their place in the aisles as a legume with high protein and fiber value. So, how and how much can dieters consume kidney beans? Let’s examine what dietitians have to say about it:

  • Since kidney beans are food with high nutritional value, it is recommended to consume without adding carrots and potatoes while dieting.
  • Kidney beans with carrots and potatoes will be high in calories, as they will be high in starch.
  • There is no harm in consuming 1 medium portion with salad and olive oil.
  • When you want to consume kidney beans in the diet and in all meals, you can obtain them from the markets.
  • The average price of 1 kilo of kidney beans is 10 TL.

12 Most Tasty Red Bean Recipes, All Tried

We will have 12 suggestions for you to try delicious recipes with red kidney beans, one of your health friends. Here are those 12 delicious tried and tested recipes:

1) Red Kidney Bean Meal with Olive Oil Flavoring Main Dishes

We recommend the popular olive oil red kidney beans for those who are looking for a healthy main course suitable for iftar, invitations and dinners. You can click for a full-sized, delicious recipe.

2) A Light & Delicious Companion: Red Kidney Bean Stew with Olive Oil

Let’s offer you a recipe that you can say has never been so delicious with kidney beans. Those who say how to make a delicious red bean stew that is soft and cooked to perfection, spoon by spoon, may not have clicked on the recipe yet. Do not be late!

3) Red Bean Bean Diversifying Tables

Red kidney beans are now added to your salad and appetizer options. The fact that it is hearty and delicious is the reason why this recipe is so popular. Do not forget to try it to add flavor to your meals. 

4) Anti-Cancer Flavor: Kidney Bean Meal

Kidney beans are a recipe that prevents cancer cells from entering the body. With its smell, taste and easy recipe, the red bean dish, tried in every home, will be a secret that keeps and protects from diseases! 

5) Colorful and Very Delicious Kidney Bean Salad

You can go to the kitchen to prepare a red kidney bean salad that will create a riot of colors on the tables. Everyone who tries this recipe is amazed by its salty taste. It is your turn!

6) High Protein Kidney Beans with Olive Oil

The protein in kidney beans has the effect of strengthening your body. You can strengthen your immunity by eating without sacrificing the taste and eating well. Those who say how it will be can click on the tariff and see. 

7) Delicious Complementary: Red Bean Piyaz

You can facilitate the digestion of other dishes by preparing a red bean curd with plenty of vegetables. High in antioxidants, this delicious recipe can protect you from all diseases.

8) The Appetite-Stimulating Red Bean Salad

For those who want to try a salad that adapts to every meal from pasta to rice; We can recommend the kidney bean salad. This salad with sour and plenty of vegetables will suit your table very well.

9) Health is on the Table: Kidney Bean Meal with Olive Oil

Those who want a delicious meal should try this recipe right away. Since the red kidney bean dish is prepared with olive oil, it comes to add health to health. Those who say they have never tried it will be the master of this business. Here is our recipe: 

10) Kidney Bean Salad

Would you like to maintain your body resistance with kidney beans? If the answers are yes, you should definitely try the kidney bean salad. When you want to serve this easily prepared salad with all your meals, the recipe will be here.

11) Kidney Beans with Potatoes, Carrots, and Olive Oil

You deserve a delicious meal to energize your energy. Try the kidney beans, which is loaded with protein as much as meat, with this recipe. Do not forget to take a look at the recipe for a full and satisfying plate.

12) Kidney Bean Salad (Don’t Miss This Taste)

Those who are on a diet can also consume kidney bean salad. With this recipe, kidney beans with a high fiber content will take their place on the plates both delicious and healthy. You can click on the tariff for details.

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