How to keep fish fresh for a long time even without a refrigerator

8 Easy Ways to Understand Fresh Fish

Fresh fish has high nutritional content. Moreover, it gives a very attractive sweet taste to all dishes. Many of you who do not have a refrigerator will be very confused when you want to buy fish, but it is not difficult if you try the tips below.


In fresh fish, the nutrient content is almost intact

Keep fish fresh for a long time

If the fish is still alive, it’s okay, but if the fish yawns and shows signs of wanting to die, you should use a pestle to hit the fish’s head to kill it fresh. After beating the dead fish, you use a wet towel or cloth to cover the ankle, with this fish can help keep the fish fresh for 3-5 hours.

The reason is that in the optic nerve of the fish there is a cord that organizes the thyroid gland, when leaving the water, this gland will also break, causing the fish to die quickly. The use of wet paper to cover the ankle prolongs the time this gland breaks, helping the fish to perish longer.

Preserving fish when there is no refrigerator

The house does not have a refrigerator and you want to keep the fish fresh until the next day, dilute the vinegar and pour over the fish and place it in a cool place. With this method, you should note that the fish must die fresh, not the fish itself.

Anti flies

Flies are always attracted to the smell of fish more than meat, so to avoid the fish being eaten by flies after you have prepared or cooked it, put a few slices of onion or raw onion in the fish’s mouth to ensure that the flies will no longer dare to sting. array to come again.

Handling broken bile fish


During preliminary processing, if the fish is broken, use soda water to apply it on the fish

If you do not make fish skillfully, the bile will break, stick to the fish meat, causing a very bitter taste. To fix it, apply soda on the bile-stained meat and then rinse with clean water, the fish will no longer be bitter.

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