11 Benefits of Kenger Grass

Benefits of Kenger Grass

Cannabis Plant: Its Healing is Hidden in Its Root!

Kenger grass is a hairy, perennial plant species that can reach an average of 40-50 cm in length from the daisy family. There are plenty of medicinal properties among the benefits of Kenger grass. In some places, kenger is also known as thistle.

Benefits of Kenger Grass

  • Regulates Blood Pressure
  • Balances Sugar
  • Strengthens Dental Health
  • Refreshes Cells
  • Removes Toxins From The Body
  • Makes Stone Falling Easier
  • Eases Digestion
  • Relaxes the Body
  • Reduces Headache
  • Strengthens Facial Muscles
  • Good for Eardrum Problems

For those who are wondering how the cannabis plant is, its appearance can be explained as follows: The trunk parts are usually short and they do not have many branches. It may have white hairs on its leaves, and it may also have leaves emerging directly from the stem. If you ask what cannabis is, we can answer that it is an ornamental plant.

They have globe-like flowers and are usually purple or red in color. Head parts are in yellow to green tones and hard structure.

After the information about the benefits of the cannabis plant, we recommend that you get an expert opinion before using this herb. Every plant may not give the same results in every person.

11 Benefits of Kenger Grass You Have Never Heard Of

1) Regulates Blood Pressure

  • Among the Kenger benefits, it is the most well-known blood pressure regulating effect. Since it cleans the blood, it also regulates the blood flow.

2) Balances Sugar

  • There may be people who can benefit from the hemp grass in balancing the sugar.

3) Strengthens Dental Health

  • It strengthens the teeth and gums. It also helps make teeth whiter. Chewing gum is the best way to reap these benefits.

4) Refreshes Cells

  • Kenger grass is known to support cell regeneration. Thus, it contributes to you feeling more energetic by giving energy.

5) Removes Toxins From The Body

  • Thanks to the antioxidants in it, it helps to remove toxins that are harmful to the body.

6) Makes Stone Falling Easier

  • It is known that Kenger can be consumed as an auxiliary food in the removal of stones in the gallbladder.

7) Eases Digestion

  • You can take advantage of kenger grass to relieve indigestion and stomach swelling.
  • It can also have an appetizing effect for some people who want to gain weight.

8) Relaxes the Body

  • Cannabis, which fights anemia with its content, can help you feel fitter if you have a feeling of weakness.

9) Reduces Headaches

  • One of the alternative herbs that people who experience migraines and headaches refer to is cannabis grass.

10) Strengthens Facial Muscles

  • Since Kenger has a hard structure, especially if it is consumed raw, it has a sports effect for the face and jaw muscles and reduces the risk of a problem by strengthening these muscles.

11) Good for Eardrum Problems

  • In some regions, kenger grass is used for problems such as eardrum inflammation or rupture. However, in cases of serious discomfort, of course, a doctor should be consulted first.

How to Eat Kenger Grass?

  • Fresh stalks are usually consumed as food and are peeled during preparation.
  • There are also those who add it to salads.
  • It can be eaten raw or boiled.
  • It can be added to soups and pastries in some regions.
  • The cannabis plant has milk in it. Kenger gum is made from this milk obtained by a special method. This product is an expensive type. After chewing this gum, you can keep it in a clean place for a while and continue chewing it again.
  • In the Mediterranean region, the heads of the kenger are collected for a special beverage. After these parts are roasted, they go through the grinding process and Kenger coffee is obtained.
  • Kenger thorn seeds can be mixed with a dessert such as honey or molasses and consumed. This part of the plant is also said to be beneficial.

Where Is Kenger Grown, How Is It Collected?

  • It grows in the Middle East, Southeastern Anatolia, Mediterranean and Aegean Regions of our country.
  • It can grow spontaneously on mountain slopes and rocky sections. Because it likes heat, it is more common in summer, in dry and sunny places.
  • Since the areas where it grows are steep regions, it can be difficult to collect. Since each part is used, it must be collected together with its roots.

How to Clean Kenger?

  • If you bought the cannabis rooted, you must first cut the root part. Then the leaves in bad condition on the outer part are removed. The thorny leaves are also cleaned. The spines in the remaining part should be scraped.
  • After washing and straining in water, you can consume the hemp as you wish.
  • Some ax species may be tuberous. All the spiny parts of this species are removed. If there are soft thorns on the remaining branches, these should also be scraped off. This type of kenger can be consumed as a wrap between lavash. You can drink ayran with it so that it does not feel dry while eating.
  • If the gum is to be made from cannabis grass, first the liquid in the stem is removed.
  • It is expected that this liquid will flow and become thicker for an average of 24 hours.
  • Then it must be collected and thoroughly beaten with a stone in cold water. Finally, the gums left in hot water for a while become ready to be chewed after the final cleaning.

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