Cauliflower: properties and benefits for our body of this vegetable

properties and benefits of cauliflower

When we think about going on a diet, one of the products that inevitably comes to mind is cauliflower . This vegetable has been used since ancient times precisely thanks to all the advantages it has for our health .

In the first place due to the high presence of antioxidants in its composition, which delays the aging of our body. But it also has a high fiber content that favors the proper functioning of our digestive system and can even protect us from certain health problems such as hypertension .

But these are not the only benefits of including this food in your diet. Get to know in depth what the properties of cauliflower are and how it can help you improve your health, keep in mind that this vegetable is one of the ingredients that is beginning to be added to different dishes and recipes. If you don’t like the taste very much, as children often do, you can mix it with minced meat to hide it.

Cauliflower: properties and benefits for our body of this vegetable

This vegetable is one of the best known and most popular since ancient times, precisely because of everything it can offer us.

It is also a very versatile product with which we can make many recipes. For example, we can make cauliflower au gratin with bechamel or simply cook it to drink with a little oil and vinegar.

But do you know what the properties and benefits of cauliflower are? Here are the most important ones.

1. It has many antioxidants

Cauliflower contains vitamin C and vitamin A. And the latter in turn has beta- carotene that prevents free radicals from oxidizing the cells of our body. But it also also provides other elements that help prevent the aging of our body such as quercetin or cináic acid.

Think that for only 100 grams of this product we manage to provide our body with 30mg of sodium, 299mg of potassium and only 5g of carbohydrates.

2. Lowers cholesterol

Another of the great properties of cauliflower is that it can bind to bile acids , an action that helps reduce cholesterol levels in our body.

That is why if you have any problem in this regard, it is important that you consume it as regularly as possible. This way you will avoid suffering from possible heart diseases tomorrow.

3. It is ideal for dieting

The reason why cauliflower is used in diets is very simple: its caloric content is very low . In fact, this food has very little fat and a very high amount of nutrients, so it can provide us with everything we need for our body to function properly without gaining weight.

You can also carry out all kinds of recipes with it without getting bored: cooked, in stew, in stews, etc. That is why it is one of the foods that you should already incorporate into your diet if you want to lose weight.

4. Provides glycosolinates to our body

Finally, you should also know that this vegetable provides our health with compounds known as glycosolinates , which have sulfur . This element is essential for our body to be well, thus improving the functioning of the digestive system, the heart and also the immune system.

In addition, this type of element has also been related to the prevention of different types of cancer , such as colon cancer.

As you can see, it is a very complete food that can help us improve our health if we consume it regularly. Go ahead and incorporate cauliflower into your diet, you won’t regret it.

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