Does Drinking Tea Make You Gain Weight?

Does Drinking Tea Make You Gain Weight

Does drinking tea make you gain weight? This question has become a subject that is explained to every client by nutritionists. If you are wondering if tea with or without sugar will make you gain weight, you can read our article to the end and learn the effect of tea on weight.

Does Tea Make You Gain Weight?

The tea that is brewed can be enjoyed at any time and in any environment. Whether you eat something with it or not, the taste of that tea always remains delicious. If you want to drink tea while dieting or while maintaining weight, of course, you can. In order not to gain weight and protect your health, you can drink your tea as follows:

  • If you do not have a low blood pressure problem; You can add a thin slice of lemon to your tea. It will help speed up your metabolism while making the taste of tea sour.
  • In order not to gain weight while drinking tea, you should not use sugar. Because the answer to the question of whether sweetened tea makes you gain weight will be yes.
  • If you think that you add 2 cubes of sugar to every tea you drink; If you take into account that you drink 10 cups of tea during the day; With only tea, you get 20 cubes of sugar in your body.
  • 20 cubes of sugar contain an average of 310 calories. Consuming this amount of sugar only with tea is a dangerous choice for your health.

Let’s take a look at other questions about the effect of tea on weight:

Does Drinking Tea at Night Make You Gain Weight?

  • Drinking tea day or night has no effect on weight gain. What you consume with tea is important.
  • If you drink tea with sugar at night, weight gain is expected because you take refined sugar into your body.
  • If you have consumed packaged foods next to tea, weight gain may begin.
  • Tea consumed plain and without snacks does not cause weight gain.

Does Cold Tea Make You Gain Weight?

  • When it comes to cold tea; It should be clarified whether to drink the tea cold or to drink the cold tea sold in the markets.
  • Because tea mixtures sold in markets with sugar syrup and fruit flavoring have a weight-loss effect.
  • However, considering that you cool the tea you brew at home and drink it with fruit slices and ice; And if we know that there is no refined sugar in this tea, there will be no weight gain.
  • Cold tea, which is one of the processed and packaged foods, raises blood sugar when consumed frequently and causes the body to store fat.

Does Black Tea Make You Gain Weight?

  • Black tea, which is one of the most consumed teas by Turkish society, does not cause weight gain on its own.
  • Since 1 cup of tea contains 1 calorie, this ratio does not have much effect on weight gain. Even if you drink 10 cups of tea during the day, you are still not expected to gain weight.
  • While drinking tea, pay attention to the foods you consume and the state of adding sugar.
  • If you don’t like black tea, you can purify your body by drinking herbal tea after saying stop weight gain completely.

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