Tangerines: The number of tangerines you can eat daily


Experts recommend a daily consumption of fruits to enjoy the many benefits they offer to health ; from the preventive, curative and nutritional point of view. But will there be limitations in terms of the amount to be consumed? Below we will analyze in detail how many tangerines you can consume per day to enjoy all their benefits and prevent them from interfering with your health, remembering that all extremes are dangerous, even in the case of one of the fruits with the highest demand and consumption worldwide, thanks to the 35 mg of vitamin C they contain.

The rise of tangerines as a consumed citrus fruit has been constantly increasing, which is why the obligatory question arises regarding how many tangerines is healthy to consume daily and benefit from excellent digestion with its 1.9 grams of fiber as well as an effect satiating and detoxifying . In addition to being a food that you can make the most of by consuming it in various forms, from its natural and raw form to juices and a multitude of culinary preparations, especially those related to confectionery and pastry.

Tangerines and the limits of their consumption

Mandarins stand out for their unsurpassed ease of being consumed and transported with you, hence they are an integral part of breakfasts and snacks , as well as being present in the lunch boxes of students and workers. Additionally, they are perfect to be consumed without time limitations, managing to provide the human body with infinity of nutrients , vitamins and minerals and managing to use even their shell to obtain benefits and health in your body.

The consumption of tangerines on a daily basis does not represent any type of side effects for the body, which is why they have become one of the favorite fruits for young people and adults, they also maintain a moisturizing and antioxidant effect by enhancing the performance of the immune system , allowing to create or strengthen the body’s natural protection shield against diseases such as viruses and bacteria.

How many tangerines can you eat a day?

Studies have shown that there is no limit amount as such related to the consumption of this fruit, thanks to the fact that there are no proven known side effects after daily consumption. Despite this information, it is recommended on average to consume 2 or 3 tangerines daily at most.

This medium and moderate proportion will allow you to take full advantage of the benefits offered by the tangerine as a useful and beneficial food for general health. Its few calories ( 40 kcal per unit) and its low sugar content mean that it does not have an alarming effect on weight gain, working wonderfully well for snacking between meals and promoting digestion without gaining additional weight.

Likewise, tangerines are rich in vitamin C and vitamin A , which are essential for optimal development and adequate daily nutrition, so a couple of tangerines a day are great to meet many of the needs that the body needs to develop all the processes involved in life and growth.

Pros of consuming 2 tangerines daily

Taking into consideration the recommendation to consume a maximum of 2 or 3 tangerines, it is important to know some details of the benefits that the body can gain from eating this delicious fruit daily.

  • Generous contributions of vitamin C.
  • Correct hydration of the body.
  • Only 40 kcal per unit, which allows you to enjoy them without fear of gaining weight.
  • It offers you imperceptible contributions of sugars , which is great for diabetics and obviously to maintain your glycemic index
  • Enhancer effect of the immune and antioxidant system .
  • A great satiating and digestive power.

In conclusion, it is possible to affirm that you can consume tangerines daily, but without exceeding the recommended amounts, hence the recommendation is 2 or 3 tangerines daily to avoid any type of damage to the human body. So now that you know the amount recommended by experts, it is time to include at least one tangerine daily in your diet and enjoy the properties that this citrus fruit can offer you.

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