Avocado: Keep your avocado like this if it is already open so that the fruit does not lose its properties


Avocado is an excellent source of energy and antioxidants , but it maintains a high rate of oxidation, hence the obligatory question: do you know how to store it to prevent oxidation after opening? Below is the correct explanation of how to preserve it in a efficient and simple way. This way you can have the advantage in your favor of enjoying it for longer in ideal conditions and of enjoying all the extensive benefits that this delicious and nutritious food has for you.

Avocado a delicious and healthy fruit

A fruit that is currently on everyone’s lips and widely in fashion, this thanks to its great contributions and health benefits since, without a doubt, it offers you many vitamins and minerals as well as antioxidants and healthy fats as well as fiber for an excellent digestion.

More than enough reason to learn to preserve it for as long as possible and avoid having to waste or discard pastes of this fruit . So get to work and get the most out of each portion of this fruit and don’t worry once opened, because you can store it and preserve each of its powerful benefits and qualities to the fullest.

Keep your avocado like this if it is already open

Once you cut the avocado, the normal oxidation process begins immediately. A widely used alternative is to wrap it in cling film (plastic) or aluminum foil. The option of bathing the surface of this fruit with avocado juice is also well known. lemon to preserve it. Although they are widely valid options, none of them shows an optimally effective alternative to prevent it from darkening (oxidizing), losing taste, flavor and texture and achieving an unpleasant appearance.

The best choice to keep it in its original appearance and in the best possible taste is a very simple alternative. Ordinary tap water and a plastic or glass container with a lid, just try to make it big enough for half the avocado to fit comfortably.

Once the fruit of the avocado is open, fill the container halfway with water and submerge half of the avocado with the seed (face down) and the skin facing up, cover the container and go straight to the refrigerator. Without a doubt, the simplest and most effective way to preserve the avocado fruit once it has been opened, in addition to not using plastics or adding other ingredients.

Keep it, but be careful with time

Although it is perfectly well preserved by this technique and taking into account that it will be in the refrigerator, it is important to clarify that experts do not advise waiting more than 72 hours for consumption . Remember that even if it is perfectly protected, the process of natural degradation of all open food will always begin.

A highly outstanding fruit that is capable of providing you with invaluable help thanks to its large doses of antioxidants capable of providing you with an excellent tool to fight free radicals and to fight against cellular aging , a sample of this power can be enjoyed by preparing a delicious tea with the avocado pit and enjoy its countless benefits.

Likewise, the preparations with this delicious fruit should not be kept or consumed after 72 hours have passed, firstly due to health risks and on the other hand because they effectively begin to lose all the benefits and advantages, both nutritional and medicinal . has the tasty avocado.

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