What are the Benefits of Flaxseed?


Flaxseed, which has been grown for many years and used in the food industry, has gained fame in recent years with the more popular healthy lifestyle. Flaxseed is also used to weaken the intestines, due to the rich vitamin B12 it contains, as well as the feeling of satiety it provides. Both healthy and satisfying meals can be made with this seed. Flaxseed can be consumed as tea as well as meals.

Since flaxseed, which is widely grown in Turkey, can be found easily, it is suitable for every pocket with its economical prices. The price basis of 1 kg of ground flaxseed is between 6.5 and 10 TL. Linseed oil has prices starting from 10 TL.

What is Flaxseed?

Flaxseed, which grows in the Mediterranean climate, is a useful plant that can grow quickly. Although it resembles sesame, its color is dark brown. Flaxseed, whose seeds begin to form in summer, has pointed leaves and flowers.

Flaxseed, which contains Omega-3, Omega-6 and Omega-9 fatty acids, is rich in minerals, amino acids, vitamins and protein. It also contains lignans against cancer and high levels of soluble and insoluble fiber.

What Does Flax Seed Do?

The plant is grown primarily to benefit from its fibers and seeds:

  • It is recommended for those who have constipation problems with its laxative effect.
  • It is often used as an aid in weight loss and diet.
  • The seeds of the plant are extremely useful as they contain high levels of Omega 3 and Vitamin B12. It is recommended that vegetarians include flaxseed in their daily diet.
  • Flaxseed, which lowers cholesterol, works and cleans the intestines, is also effective against paralysis and cancer.
  • Flaxseed oil improves the quality of breast milk of nursing mothers. “Can breastfeeding mothers use flaxseed?” The question is answered as “It can be used if the doctor’s recommendations are followed.”
  • After linseed oil is taken, it is used as feed for animals. The fibers of the plant are used in the textile industry.

What are the Benefits of Flaxseed?

  • It draws attention with its effect on the digestive system. As a result of being good for the intestines, it accelerates the digestive system and prevents conditions such as inflammation. In this respect, it provides great benefits for hemorrhoid patients.
  • The fact that the healthy oils in the seeds destroy the harmful oils in the body increases the success of losing weight with flaxseed. At the same time, as a result of providing a feeling of satiety, those who consume flaxseed feel full for a long time.
  • The seed also has benefits in terms of mental activities. It has been observed that it is good for forgetfulness due to vitamin B12 deficiency.
  • Omega 3 contained in the seed is good for all diseases affecting the internal organs and skin.
  • Thanks to its antioxidant properties, it delays the signs of aging and reduces the effects of menopause in women.
  • If consumed regularly, it gives a bright appearance to the skin. For this purpose, you can prepare a flaxseed mask and apply it to your face.
  • It is recommended to be used by blood pressure and diabetes patients by regulating blood pressure and blood sugar.
  • It increases the level of good cholesterol and strengthens the metabolism.
  • It is used as a mouthwash for gum and throat ailments.
  • Flaxseed is also beneficial for breast enlargement. If the breasts are massaged regularly for 15 days, it creates positive effects.
  • It is good when compresses are applied on the calluses.
  • Flaxseed with omega 3 oil is also beneficial for hair. Those who use flaxseed oil have healthy growing hair. It is also good for skin diseases such as eczema and psoriasis.

How to Consume Flaxseed?

  • Flaxseed, which can be boiled and drunk, can also be consumed roasted to make it more delicious. The plant, which does not have a special taste or smell, can also be crushed and ground into powder. In this way, after throwing a spoon into the mouth, it is necessary to drink water.
  • In addition to yogurt and salads, it is also possible to use in bakery products such as cakes and pies.
  • Consuming a spoonful of flaxseed a day is ideal for a healthy life. More use is not recommended for health reasons.
  • The use of flaxseed, which can be used in the form of seeds, oil or powder, varies according to the purpose. Sometimes it is necessary to consume it with the skin and sometimes without the skin.
  • People who do not have problems with digestion can consume the plant in the form of seeds. People with low consumption of pulp and fiber foods will also benefit more if they use the plant without grinding.
  • If gas problem occurs, this can be alleviated with a cup of fennel tea.
  • Flaxseed, which is recommended to be consumed with water, can also be used by mixing it with yogurt and honey.
  • ‘How to store flax seeds?’ The question is answered as it can be stored in any jar for a long time since it is not an easily perishable product.
  • After grinding, it should be used immediately without storage. Otherwise, their oils will become bitter and their quality will decrease.

Does Flaxseed Make You Weak?

One of the most popular reasons for using flaxseed is the desire to lose weight. When used regularly, it is possible to lose 4-5 kilos per month. However, it should be noted that this may vary according to the body. In this respect, it would be useful to consult a specialist.

Attention should also be paid to how much and when to use flaxseed to lose weight. The flaxseed diet, which is taken 1 spoon a day, is ideal. The dosage may vary depending on the weight to be given.

What Are the Harms of Flax Seed?

In addition to all these benefits, is flaxseed harmful or does it have side effects? The plant has no known side effects.

  • If used in excessive amounts, it can cause undesirable conditions such as digestive system problems, excessive softening of the intestines and skin redness.
  • It is recommended that those with prostate cancer do not use the seeds.
  • ‘Can flax seeds be given to children?’ The question is also important as it may cause harm. Within the knowledge of the doctor, appropriate forms of use and doses should be applied.
  • Particular attention should be paid to the fact that the plant triggers the secretion of the hormone estrogen. It is essential to determine the amount of daily use correctly.
  • If you use more than necessary while trying to solve your baby’s constipation problem, you can damage his excretory system. Since the digestive system of babies is not suitable for breaking up the plant, you can use it by crushing it well with the help of a blender.

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