Telegram Flower Care, Reproduction, Types

Telegram Flower

When you want to decorate your interiors and halls with plants, we will recommend you the telegraph flower. The telegraph flower is a dazzling flower with its glittering petals. It is grown very often in terms of being one of the plants that maintain the moisture balance of the place where it is located. It can be easily grown on a table, by a window, or on a pendant. It is also known as the groom’s pajama flower because of its striped appearance reminiscent of the groom’s pajamas.

The Telegraph flower is a potted plant that is very easy to care for and grow. It grows efficiently in almost any environment. You just need to know a few maintenance tricks. Now, let’s explain the features of the telegraph flower to those who love plants and want to know about the telegraph flower. How would you like to get to know this flower, which has many species, better?

How to Care for Telegraph Flower?

Soil Selection

  • Soil selection for all types of telegraph flowers should favor loose soils.
  • Soils that are permeable to water and rich in minerals should be preferred.
  • Flower food suitable for telegraph flowers can be used once a year.


  • In general, you should avoid abundant watering in order not to rot the telegraph flower.
  • The soil must remain moist. Therefore, you can water all types of telegraph flowers in a controlled manner.
  • You can choose a spray bottle or a fine-tipped plant watering bottle to adjust the amount of water.


  • Telegraph flowers should take advantage of the morning and evening sun.
  • Not much sunlight is required for the telegraph flower with green leaves. The type with green leaves can also grow in dim conditions.
  • Because purple-leaved telegraph flowers love the sun; You can place it in corners that receive the sun from a good position.
  • The species with variegated leaves also likes the sun. Therefore, you can grow the variegated telegraph flower in bright corners.

How to Duplicate Telegram Flower?

If you want to reproduce your flower by making telegraph flower reproduction; Let us explain to you the reproduction technique, which consists of very easy steps. You can grow the telegraph flower in more than one pot with the foliar propagation method, and you can multiply and gift this flower to those who love it. Now let’s express the stages one by one for those who want to reproduce the telegraph flower.

  • Carefully examine the roots of the telegraph flower in the large pot.
  • Separate the sprouting roots and plant them in a small pot with new soil.
  • In this way, after 3 weeks, your telegraph flower will have grown healthily in its new place.
  • If there are very small shoots, you can soak them in half a glass of water for a few days and let the roots sprout.
  • You can transfer the sprouting telegraph flower to its new pot.
  • You can choose the month of April when multiplying the telegraph flower. You should finish the replication process by October.

 BloomscaTelegram Flower Types

  • Purple Telegraph Flower: It is a species known as purple secretary, purple heart, and purple queen. It got this name because of its color. It turns a bright purple when it sees the sun. Its branches and leaves are purple. Purple telegraph flower care is very easy. He loves the sun. No need to stay in the dark.
  • Hairy-Woolly Telegraph Flower: Blooms a pink and purple bloom. Its leaves have feather-like textures. They love semi-shaded areas.
  • Spider – Blue Flower Telegraph Flower: It is a hybrid telegraph type. Its leaves are long and green. Blue flowers bloom between the leaves in stripes. It is very suitable for growing outdoors.
  • Boat – Cradle Lily Telegraph Flower: It has leaves similar to the shape of a sword. One side of these leaves is pink while the other side is green. It can be planted to cover large land.
  • False Telegraph Flower: It is considered a species because it is very similar to the telegraph flower. It is not a telegraph flower type. This flower with blue petals is usually seen in the Eastern Black Sea Region.
  • White Telegraph Flower: It is a kind of telegraph flower with white flowers. Its leaves are green. It grows in semi-shaded areas.
  • Pink Telegraph Flower: Pink telegraph flower is the type with pink color in its leaves and flower. Some leaves even have pink transitions. It loves the sun and controlled watering.
  • Green Telegraph Flower: The green telegraph flower is a flower that grows frequently in South America. Its leaves are green. Although rare, it has white flowers. It can grow anywhere as an ivy.

Does the Telegraph Flower Bloom?

  • Many things are said about the telegraph flower among the people. The most common of these is that this flower is unlucky. But is the telegraph flower really unlucky?
  • There is no proven example of whether the telegraph flower brings good luck.
  • You can grow a telegraph flower in your home to feel good spiritually.
  • When you take care of your flower and care carefully; leaves come to life and bloom.

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