Summer Fruits – 12 Super Fruits to Refresh You on Hot Days

most beneficial tropical fruits

Summer fruits are not only good for many diseases, but also useful enough to protect the body’s resistance. Experts emphasize the consumption of fresh fruit in every season. You can have healthy intestines and eliminate the risk of many diseases with fruits, which are sources of fiber and vitamin C.

Now you can start reading our article on summer fruits containing lots of vitamins, especially vitamins A, B and C that you need in summer. In these lines, summer fruits and their benefits are listed for you to be healthier. The names of summer fruits that you can easily reach on summer days are before you, then on your plate!

Summer Fruits List – 12 Fruits with Rich Vitamins in Full Taste

1) Strawberry

  • Strawberry, which contains 95% water in its structure , is one of the symbols of summer. Delicious desserts and drinks are prepared with strawberry.
  • Strawberry, which fascinates with its smell, draws attention as one of the sources of vitamin E.
  • You can meet the moisture the skin needs by eating strawberries.
  • Strawberry is a summer fruit that keeps stomach and intestinal diseases, cancer cells, infections and stress away from the body.

2) Grapes

  • As they say, “Eat your grapes and don’t ask about your vineyard”, start investigating the benefits of grapes after you eat them. Because grapes are one of the antioxidant fruits.
  • There are antioxidant substances in the skin and seeds of the grapes that will destroy harmful substances in the body. For this reason, it is recommended to consume grapes with seeds in summer.
  • While balancing the heartbeat, it allows the kidneys to work more healthily. Grape is a skin and heart-friendly summer flavor.

3) Cherry

  • Cherry is a natural pain reliever. Anthocyanin substances in its structure relieve bone pain.
  • Its low sugar content attracts attention by those who eat healthy. When summer comes, you can protect your digestive system by eating lots of cherries, and you can lose weight by accelerating your metabolism.
  • You can consume cherries in fruit meals to prevent dehydration in the summer heat. Thus, while removing excess water from your body, you also maintain water balance.

4) Cherry

  • Cherry, which is one of the kidney and intestine friends of summer , is a fruit that is consumed abundantly on hot days. It allows the stones formed in the gallbladder and kidneys to be removed very easily.
  • Cherries, which contain plenty of phosphorus, will be on your plate as a fruit that relaxes you in stressful times.
  • In addition, carotene in cherries is a substance that protects eye health. By eating cherries, you can meet your vitamin A needs.

5) Melon

  • With the arrival of the summer season, melon-scented tables also stimulate appetite. Since it is a fibrous fruit, melon is a complete intestinal friend.
  • The American Cancer Society recommends melon consumption. Because melon prevents and inhibits the spread of cancerous cells.
  • If you have sleep problems, you can consume melon to sleep more comfortably in summer nights.

6) Watermelon

  • If the watermelon shell falls into the sea, you can say that it is summer. Now you can flavor summer evenings with watermelon! Watermelon, which is rich in vitamins and lycopene, is a powerful antioxidant.
  • If you want to speed up your metabolism and lose weight easily in the summer heat, you can consume plenty of watermelon.
  • Because watermelon accelerates the work of the intestines thanks to its fibrous structure.
  • If you don’t consume watermelon seeds, you have a higher risk of kidney problems. Because the cucurbocitrin substance in the watermelon seed ensures a healthier functioning of the kidneys.

7) Plum

  • Plum, which attracts great attention among summer fruits , takes place in fruit aisles with many species.
  • Having a fibrous structure, plum accelerates metabolism shortly after consumption.
  • Sometimes, when you eat plums, you may experience pain in your stomach. This pain is experienced due to the sudden work of your intestines.
  • Plum is a fruit that protects oral and dental health.
  • With its antioxidant feature, it also eliminates bad odor in the mouth.

8) Peach

  • Peach is a summer fruit dream with high potassium containing vitamins A, C and E.
  • It is recommended to be consumed to strengthen the immune system and protect the health of the intestines in summer days.
  • Peach, which is frequently consumed in summer for the regular functioning of the gallbladder and kidneys, also has the feature of balancing blood pressure.

9) Apricot

  • Apricot, which is rich in calcium, phosphorus and vitamins, is a fruit that you can see abundantly in the aisles in summer.
  • It has an effect that increases the blood rate of those who have anemia problems, protects eye health and eliminates stress.

10) Mulberry

  • Mulberry, which is consumed bite by bite , contains strong antioxidant substances.
  • Mulberry, which has a high calcium, iron and vitamin C ratio, is grown in almost many cities of Turkey.
  • While mulberry makes the skin look younger, it also prevents infection.

11) Fig

  • Each seed of the fig has a thousand and one benefits for health. You can get vitamins A, B, C, E and K from figs.
  • Fig, which is one of the summer fruits that refreshes you in the summer heat , is a fruit that keeps blood pressure in balance.
  • It greatly supports muscle and bone development.

12) Maltese Plum

  • Maltese plum, also known as the New World, decorates fruit plates when summer comes.
  • The most well-known feature of the Maltese plum is that it contains high levels of vitamin A.
  • When you eat Maltese, you will have control of eye health and intestinal health.
  • You can eat the new world fruit abundantly in summer to strengthen the immune system.

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