Mango : Mango season begins the best time to enjoy this exquisite fruit


Mango is one of the most popular and delicious fruits. In addition, it is a nutritious and sweet-tasting fruit. The mango season starts in February and ends in August, when you can add it to your daily diet for its protein, vitamin, and mineral content. You can also prepare different recipes that will make you enjoy this tropical fruit.

Mango is loaded with flavor and benefits for the body. It has a high content of antioxidants, protecting the skin, heart and mucous membranes from damage caused by free radicals. Making good use of this fruit, you will enjoy the benefits of this wonderful food , through beauty treatments.

How to enjoy mango during its season

Currently there is a wide variety of mangoes , so you can not always find the best quality. But you have to be calm because it is not that difficult if you know its particular characteristics and you are looking for a national product. Mango comes with very good benefits for the body, so the idea of ​​integrating it into the diet is the best decision.

Mango is a great source of vitamin A , vitamin C , vitamin B6 , vitamin E , as well as zinc , iron , and calcium , which regulate blood pressure and improve kidney function. With this fruit you can have a better intestinal transit thanks to its high percentage of fiber that helps fight constipation.

A good portion of mango at breakfast or mid-morning will allow you to reduce the inflammation of colitis and control cholesterol levels . You can enjoy it in many ways, although eating the fruit directly is the best option.

If you did not know, the mango is the fruit of the tree, it is a fleshy drupe with a thin skin . Inside it is the seed that sometimes acquires a good size. The pulp is juicy, fleshy and sweet (in most of its varieties).

To taste the best flavor of this fruit, it is necessary to harvest it at its ripeness, because being climacteric it continues to ripen once harvested. The ideal is to pick the mango from the tree 15 days before its point of maturity for consumption. Remember that not just any green mango will turn into a delicacy.

Types of mango to prepare delicious recipes

Mango production bets on the variety to offer a greater range to the consumer and extend the season. There are many types of mangoes, ranging from very red to very yellow, large, small, round, elongated, sweet, slightly bitter. All of them are very delicious as long as their natural harvest cycle is respected.

In the markets you can get any variety of mango, even almost entering the month of December. Here some of them:


It has an elongated ovoid shape. It is recognized by its red and yellow coloration when ripe. It has a good aroma and is sweet. Its pulp is not fibrous and is very juicy. It is a very creamy mango , it is one of the sweetest and luckiest. Thanks to its texture, it is used for the preparation of sauces, creams and desserts.


The Osteen is the most widely grown variety . Its shape is elongated and oblong. Its color ranges from red to purple, with orange or greenish-yellow spaces. It has a sweet but soft flavor , preserving an acid touch. Its season runs from September to November.


The Ataúlfo mango is known as honey mango , it has almost no fiber, making its pulp very creamy and smooth. The size is smaller than other varieties and its shape is slightly flat oval.


As for the sensation mango, it has earned the nickname of king in the north as it is resistant to very cold temperatures . It has a rich aroma and a balanced sweet taste. The pulp is almost yellow in color and without fiber.


It is the highest quality mango thanks to its organoleptic qualities. The difficulty arises in its cultivation because the trees are more delicate and sensitive to temperatures. It is a small, oval, sweet and aromatic mango.

What can be prepared with the mango

Various recipes can be prepared with this fruit . Juices, desserts, sauces, stews and many more. It can be said that it is very versatile in desserts . Thanks to its variety, the mango offers incomparable flavors when serving delicious dishes.

mango pudding is an excellent option . In the fighter’s glass, she places the pulp of a mango with two tablespoons of honey. While you leave resting a cup of almond milk with 4 tablespoons of chia, about two hours. Serve in a few glasses a portion of the almond milk mixture, then a portion of mango pudding and enjoy.

For the summer heat you can prepare a mango water quickly and easily. In the blender, process the pulp of four mangoes together with 1/4 cup of sugar, ice and five cups of water. When you have the desired texture, turn off the blender and serve.

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