Is it possible to store salted mushrooms without a refrigerator

store salted mushrooms

After harvesting, store forest mushrooms in a cool, humid place for 2 days. Store champignons and oyster mushrooms in the refrigerator for up to 10 days.

Salted mushrooms, if this is your own homemade preparation, it is quite possible to save without a refrigerator all winter and more. The main thing is that when salting mushrooms, several rules are observed:
    1. Botulism develops in hermetically sealed jars, therefore, for storage in a warm place, it should only be closed with rubber lids.
    2. There should be a lot of salt – at least 70 grams per kilogram of mushrooms.
    3. The brine should cover the mushrooms to the top and a centimeter on top.

There should be no cavities, so it is important to thoroughly crush the mushrooms from above to avoid them. For fidelity, it is better to crush the mushrooms both before and after pouring with brine.

  1. On top of the mushrooms, put a cotton napkin dipped in vodka, and put sticks in a cross.

The mushrooms will turn out salty and slightly sour, mold may even form – but this is “normal” mold, which speaks of natural beneficial processes. It is enough to remove this (remember that the cotton cloth soaked in vodka reliably protects the mushrooms from infection) – and you can eat the mushrooms. It is recommended to put the mushrooms in the refrigerator only after opening.

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