How much honey mushrooms should be stored?

honey mushrooms

After harvesting mushrooms, store for 1 day at street temperature in the shade (from +5 degrees), or 2 days in the refrigerator compartment for vegetables. Boiled mushrooms in salted water will be stored for about 5 days.

General rules for storing honey agarics

Honey mushrooms, especially if there are a lot of them, is quite problematic to process immediately after collection. Sometimes you have to divide the processing procedure for several days. And the matter is clearly worth it – salted and pickled mushrooms will bring a lot of joy and savings to the family budget at feasts, besides, mushrooms, subject to the canning recipe, are stored for much more than 1 season.

How to increase the shelf life of honey agarics?

To increase the shelf life of mushrooms by several days, it is recommended to sort and sort them out – under their own weight, mushrooms instantly crumple and begin to rot, and the sorting procedure is designed to save mushrooms from this. It is better to put the crushed mushrooms on a quick fry, and put all the remaining mushrooms loosely in containers/cans on top of each other and put away in the cold – in the refrigerator, in the vegetable compartment, or just in the shade.

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