Do you have ants in your kitchen? Home Remedies

Do you have ants in your kitchen

Do you have ants in your kitchen? Say goodbye to ants in all corners of the kitchen with these simple, natural and cheap pest remedies.

Ants in the kitchen may be more common than it seems and that is that at least in this area of ​​the house they have all the elements they need to reproduce quickly; they have warmth, unlimited food and many corners to explore without anyone bothering them.

There are endless reasons why ants begin to accumulate in a kitchen and despite having a cleaning routine that helps eliminate or avoid this type of insect , there are times when that is not enough to put an end to the issue, let’s go which can be a real concern.

To avoid them in this area of ​​the home, you can test some home remedies that will help you drive away this type of insect . They will be natural and very cheap solutions that you can do about it. Find out how you can get rid of ants in your kitchen .

White vinegar

The smell of white vinegar is more than powerful, it is believed that this special touch causes the ants to lose their sense of orientation (which is found in their antennae), eliminating them little by little to the point that they no longer appear.

You can make a natural disinfectant based on vinegar and with it clean all the surfaces where you see ants, paying attention to those areas where they can hide and save the food remains that they find easily.


The famous salt trick that consists of placing a “path” or line with this basic kitchen ingredient in those corners where ants can be , because it has a consistency that prevents them from walking around and even drives them away, you can try placing a little in those places where you identify that they tend to be around frequently.

Baking soda with sugar

It is true that this type of insect is attracted to sugar, but by mixing this ingredient with baking soda, the ants die because their stomachs cannot support the substance or some even prefer to get away and leave this area.

Make a mixture with two tablespoons of baking soda and two of sugar, stir very well and place on the edges of furniture or those places where you noticed the presence of ants . They will leave home.

Other remedies that you can also implement are the natural essences of laurel, thyme or lavender, remember that in this type of ingredients they can be fused into a powerful mixture that allows to put an end to the problem. In addition to combining them with good cleaning and avoiding leaving food outside when it is not going to be consumed, this will avoid attracting ants easily  .

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