What is the difference between cherries, picotas and sour cherries


By custom, they are usually called cherries, picotas and cherries to any red, round and small fruit of the cherry tree, however, they are not the same. The similarity between them is the content of vitamin C , vitamin A, as well as its minerals calcium , phosphorus and magnesium , very necessary to stay in good health. Especially if you eat this food fresh.

Believe it or not, the three fruits have different flavors , come from different crops and play adverse roles in the kitchen . As for the taste, the cherry is sour, the cherry is sweeter, while the cherries have flavors combined by their varieties. And yes, the pillory is of the same genus as cherries, they are not of the same species. The icing is a cherry, but of a different kind.

What is the difference between cherries, picotas and sour cherries?

As of May, cherries become the most consumed fruits due to their variety of harvest. Due to their different textures, flavors, colors and other aspects, each one has its own name and denomination. There are several kinds of cherries, including picotas and sour cherries. If you did not know, there are characteristics that differentiate them and here you will be able to know them.


The cherry is a fruit that belongs to the category of drupes . It is a summer or late spring fruit that ripens on its plant throughout the season . The cherry is a non-climacteric fruit , so it must be picked once it is ripe and distributed very quickly so that it does not lose most of its properties.

The flavor depends on the variety of the cherry , it can be sweet or somewhat acid. For a better crop, land located on the slopes of the mountains is required, as it makes them flourish and after three months they can be collected . This does not happen if there is any sudden change in temperature.

It is a fundamental food thanks to its high nutrient content , in addition to having low caloric density. A recommendation that cannot be missed is the consumption of raw cherries . In the kitchen they can be included in some desserts, fresh or candied or preserved in syrup, dried, candied or simply packaged. Its main uses are directed to the respect, chocolates, cupcakes, biscuits, etc.

The most outstanding color of this fruit is bright red , however, its variety has expanded the range of reds, almost reaching black, a color that can be seen in the amarena cherry.


It can be said that picotas are a more exclusive kind of cherries , coming from the Jerte Valley where cultivation is done in a traditional, natural way and without additives. Although the cultivation area is wider. Four varieties are born from it: pico negro, pico limon negro, ambrunés and pico colorado . It differs from cherry and sour cherries because it is harvested without a stem.

It has a meatier texture , is crunchy and is distinguished by its sweet flavor. The size is between medium, from 22 millimeters to 28 millimeters. The special treatment it receives during its cultivation and harvest multiplies its properties and allows it to reach the warehouses at the right time for consumption.

This is the type of cherry of the late varieties. They have been granted a Protected Designation of Origin , hence the name: Cerezas del Jerte. They are round and the color varies according to the type of pillory . They are the most consumable in the summer.

The tree of this fruit is from the Rosaceae family, which in turn has as its illustrious relative roses, pear trees and apple trees, as well as peaches, apricots or plums. This cherry tree is known as the Prunus avium species.


The cherry is a fruit of approximately 13 to 20 millimeters , smaller than cherries and picotas, its weight does not exceed 9 grams. As for the color, when ripe, it varies from very intense red to purple or yellow. Generally the flesh is lighter in color, however, they are red in some species.

This type of cherry is characterized by having a bitter and acid taste . Therefore, the consumption of fresh cherries is scarce, prevailing the use of candied fruit or in syrup . It is worth mentioning that the stem of the cherry is shorter than that of the cherry and has a small depression at the apex.

The use of sour cherries in gastronomy is usually candied for decorating cakes, mousses, cupcakes and other desserts. It is also part of the main ingredients of bowls, ice creams, jams, compotes and as an accompaniment to roasts and game meats.

The land for its cultivation is usually located on the slopes of mountains, as with cherries. It is harvested when almost the entire surface has a deep red hue. They must be uprooted with their stem to prevent them from spoiling.

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